Life After an ESSEC Global MBA


“With the rise of the digital age, I knew I needed to shift my career to a more tech-oriented path. ESSEC’s GMBA was the perfect catalyst for this, and the curriculum shaped my mind to think in a more “digital” way about any topic in the world. After graduation, I found a new role in banking that is a perfect hybrid of technology and finance.”








 Mo Dirani

ESSEC GMBA Alumnus, Class of 2018
Associate Director, Standard Chartered Bank, Singapore


Mo is just one of the 5,000 graduates whose lives and careers have been transformed at ESSEC Asia-Pacific.

Recently ranked as the 6th top business school in Europe by the Financial Times in 2020, ESSEC graduates are sought after by employers who value their managerial and leadership skills, the ability to work across different cultures, and digital skills that are essential to succeed in today’s rapidly-changing world.


Get equipped with strategy and digital leadership skills

With 9 in 10 businesses engaged in digital transformation in 2020, and employers increasingly looking out for digital leaders to spearhead organizational initiatives, one must adapt and focus on building a foundation in areas including big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain, Internet of Things (IOT), machine learning, and more.

To ensure our graduates are well-placed to ride on this growth, the Strategy & Digital Leadership track of ESSEC’s Global MBA program is designed with such modules, providing participants with a macro view of core business functions and strong understanding of digital transformation. 

Hiring of MBA graduates expected to rebound in 2021

When asked about hiring plans for 2021, almost 9 in 10 employers said they plan to hire MBA graduates. The top three attributes that recruiters look for are: strategic thinking, communication skills and versatility.


“The ESSEC GMBA’s emphasis on digital literacy and mastering digital technology in a business landscape seemed to perfectly echo the reality of today’s worldview. Having to understand how each different function within an organization must work in unison to stay progressive, relevant and profitable affords me a ‘big picture’ perspective and equips me for a broad spectrum of current and future leadership roles.”

Divya Tolath
ESSEC GMBA Alumna, Class of 2020
Account Director, Gartner, Singapore


An ESSEC MBA will teach you how to cope with the newest challenges that organizations face today, including modules covering sustainability goals, responsible innovation, and how to successfully tap on the market potential in emerging economies.

Communicate effectively across cultures and geographies

As the world becomes increasingly global, employers are looking for candidates who can work with diverse teams and communicate effectively across different cultures. 


“One of the key learnings that I got out of my experience at ESSEC was the sheer exposure to diversity. It was a big deal for me as it made me more sensitive to the different ways that people communicate. It broadened the different perspectives that I can see through, and that helped me learn how to transform content in other ways that will be easier for diverse audiences to understand.”


Mia Mendoza
ESSEC GMBA Alumna, Class of 2020
Seller Communications & Education Management Lead, Shopee, Philippines 


Like Mia, you will learn how to collaborate and work across multi-cultural teams here at ESSEC. With more than 50% of our cohort being international students, our diverse student population gives you the opportunity to forge connections and relationships with people from different countries, cultures and industries.

The prestige of an ESSEC MBA

Our ESSEC MBA frequently ranks highly among national and international rankings for higher education in management. These are a testament to the quality of our programs, our graduates, and the professional perspectives open to you when you join us. 

The prestigious nature of an ESSEC GMBA is largely due to the rigor of our academic curriculum, and the success of our alumni. If you’re looking for an MBA that will lend prestige to your future career goals, consider ESSEC.

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