Philips and ESSEC Redefine Healthcare Key Opinion Leaders


“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold or silver”

-       Mahatma Gandhi 


The healthcare ecosystem in Asia Pacific (APAC) is diverse, fragmented and colored with some of the most technologically advanced solutions. At the forefront of this system are the medtech corporations in the area that leverage on politico-legal frameworks, healthcare needs of the population and local talents - to continuously innovate and therefore, find solutions that support and treat millions.

Philips Healthcare, a Dutch multinational conglomerate is one such company that is transforming the world of medical technologies. With a vision of making the world healthier and sustainable through innovation, Philips Healthcare intends to improve the lives of 3 billion people around the globe by 2030. It has managed to transform itself into a company that anticipates the needs of its clients and thus, form a comprehensive list of goals surrounding the continuum of care. 

The ESSEC Marketing Club and ESSEC Life Sciences spearheaded by Leopold Mathieu and Laura Achach respectively, were given an opportunity to work on a project for the ultrasound division of Philips headed by Alexandra Vial, Senior Regional Marketing Manager, ASEAN Pacific, General Imaging Ultrasound and Cassia Giancola, Management Trainee at Philips.

The team consisted of a diverse group of students with previous work experience in marketing, medtech and pharma industry and who are currently enrolled in either Global Master of Business Administration (GMBA) in Digital Business & Innovation Major, Master in Management (MIM)Master in Strategy & Management of International Business (SMIB) or MSc in Marketing Management & Digital (MMD).



The three-month long market research and intelligence project encompassed the identification of potential Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) in different countries of APAC, an extensive computational model for evaluation and ranking of KOLs based on their range of influence and compiling a database of 100+ KOLs with strategic recommendations about how to engage with them. It culminated with a presentation of all market research findings at Philips regional office in Singapore, networking opportunity to interact with different managers at Philips and a tour of the beautiful Philips building.  

The project helped students understand the ultrasound medical device market in APAC, different stakeholders in its sales and gain a thorough appreciation for the complexities of go-to-market strategies.

“This partnership with the students of ESSEC Business School has been greatly beneficial for our business. The students were enthusiastic, eager to learn and brought up new perspectives. In a nutshell, they delivered excellent work!” comments Alexandra Vial, Senior Regional Marketing Manager, ASEAN Pacific, General Imaging Ultrasound. 

After an enriching experience, the students have now embarked on a second project with the healthcare informatics division of Philips. This challenging project, expected to end by April 2020, further broadens their scope as they begin to design strategic business development recommendations for implementation of AI-based healthcare tools in APAC.

Team credentials

Team leaders : Leopold MATHIEULaura ACHACH | KOL and Country mapping: Pauline GIRARD , Ke ZHANGEmilien DUGRAND , Morris KUO , Laxmi SRAVANI VAKACHERLA , Adam EL ALAMI ,  Chujie BAI | Data Analyst:  Keerthana SREEKANTH RAO


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