What Career Support Services Can You Expect From ESSEC?


So you have successfully completed your Master’s program. What’s next?

You will now have to put your lessons learned into practice, and call upon the contacts and network you have built throughout your program. This is also where the value of the program’s ability to fast-track your path to management is tested. But do not worry, because top schools like ESSEC offer career development and support services to help all participants in their journey.

Finding the right job

One mistake that many professionals make in their career journey is not knowing what job is a good fit for them, and thus wasting precious years on a job that does not add long-term value to what they hope to achieve. 

“We once had an MSc in Marketing Management & Digital student who was so passionate about working in her dream industry that we felt that she had over-romanticized it, and would not fit the industry as much as she thought she would,” recounted Will Chang, Career Services Manager at ESSEC. “So I urged her to try, and after she completed her internship with the company, she came back saying that she realized it wasn’t what she wanted after all.”

At ESSEC, we help you discover a career path which best matches your personality, qualifications, prior experience, and professional ambitions. 

You will benefit from the 1-on-1 consulting sessions with ESSEC’s career coaches to help you chart out a tailored career roadmap, and various opportunities to learn more about the industry while building up your network with insiders and alumni leaders. That way, you can get first-hand experience on whether that dream job you desire is truly the best fit for you - one you can see yourself growing into for the future.

Crafting a memorable CV

The CV is usually the first chance you get to make a good impression on the recruiter. If you are not able to get past the barrage of CVs that recruiters deal with on a daily basis, then your application may just get thrown aside.

“More companies are using AI (artificial intelligence) tools to screen through the hundreds or thousands of CVs they receive for a role. In order to beat the AI, you need to know the requirements, and that is something I factor in when mentoring my students as well,” says Will Chang. 

A well-written and thoughtful CV will usually determine your chances of landing that coveted face-to-face interview. But how will you ensure your CV leaves an impact on the recruiter, and makes the hiring manager want to meet you? 

Aside from reviewing your CV, you can also expect other support services from ESSEC’s career coaches, including CV writing, networking tips and opportunities, personal branding workshops, mock interviews and more.

Career fairs and networking opportunities

Career fairs (both physical and virtual fairs) are held each year for our students to interact with Human Resources managers and recruiters, learn more about the roles available in each company and even land employment opportunities. 

“Our students have robust outcomes in meeting the programs’ internship requirements, which I largely attribute to the success of our career coaching and the students’ ability to network and seek out opportunities.” says Will Chang. 

Through our regular alumni networking events, you can expect to meet and connect with our previous graduates who have gone on to work in sectors such as luxury, hospitality, healthcare, financial services, technology startups, and more. 

“ESSEC linked me up with my mentor, Aanchal Vijh, who was previously in a similar position as me, and is now the team manager of a premier business publication in Asia,” says Durga Gopalan, who is currently taking the Master in Strategy & Management of International Business at ESSEC. “Her advice on networking was invaluable.”

In addition, our ESSEC Alumni Singapore Chapter - headed by Christophe Gonet, a Global Director for a leading listed pharmaceutical manufacturer - is home to over 350 alumni, including entrepreneurs who started their own businesses, as well as those holding regional management positions in MNCs.

Interview Coaching

How do you translate your skills and experiences into an impressionable story during the interview? How do you make sure you don’t get tripped up by an interview question that you weren’t expecting?

Our Career Services team will help to coach you on how to successfully answer interview questions, and practice with mock interviews to identify your strengths and weaknesses to work on. This way, you will know what to expect, and come across as a confident, competent individual who will really shine through all your interviews.

“The mock interviews I’ve had with the ESSEC Career Services team were instrumental in getting me prepared,” says Ng Yue Ning, who is currently pursuing her MSc in Marketing Management & Digital.

Succeed with ESSEC

These are just a few examples of the range of career support services that you can expect from ESSEC when you join us. If you want to know how ESSEC can help you make a strategic career move, attend the ESSEC MBA Day & Postgrad Career Forum on 3 April 2021 and access virtual talks by A-list industry leaders, our alumni and academic faculty, and gain new insights into the landscape of emerging and growth industries to expand your horizon.

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