Why Study At ESSEC?


One of the toughest parts of a degree program is finding the right school for your needs. The school in which you pursue your program shapes your professional prospects and has a direct influence on how you accomplish your academic and career goals. Besides strong academics, you’ll want a school that will push you out of your comfort zone yet keep you motivated; a school that will support your aspirations and provide the real-world experience you need for career success. Above all, you’ll want a school that is backed by solid history, heritage and reputation.


In these respects, ESSEC checks all the boxes. Ranked one of the world’s top international management schools and the eighth top business school in Europe by the Financial Times, ESSEC is a pioneer of business-related learning with a track record dating back to 1907.


With campuses in three continents — Europe, Asia-Pacific and Africa — ESSEC offers students unparalleled international exposure by serving as gateways for them to develop global market knowledge and networks. Students can study in ESSEC’s campuses in Singapore, France and Morocco, and participate in global internships that tap on the university’s vast network of partners.


Programmed for success

ESSEC’s mission is to respond to the challenges of the future in our world of constant change. Through a blend of academic learning and practical experience, we take a unique pedagogical approach backed by a multi-cultural openness that sees students, teachers and organizations from all over the world coming together to find ways to create a positive impact on business and society.


ESSEC offers an outstanding portfolio of programs ranging from bachelor’s degrees to PhDs. We train managers and entrepreneurs of tomorrow who can integrate cutting-edge expertise, creativity and international team work, while grasping the complexities of economic and social changes.

More importantly, the quality of our programs is widely recognized by international corporations. ESSEC graduates enjoy excellent career outcomes, with high employability and employment rates in top-notch companies after graduation. To wit: 98 percent of students in the Master in Management are recruited within six months of graduation. 


Courses You Can Design

Throughout their terms in ESSEC, students are encouraged to create their own learning paths and enjoy flexibility in the development of their academic journey. This helps students progressively assert their autonomy through constant dialogue with the school while defining their future careers. 


Lessons are also taken out of the classroom and into the world through internship opportunities. Since 1993, ESSEC has been one of the first management schools to train students through our apprenticeship scheme. Our degree programs alternate in-company experience with coursework, allowing students to parlay what they learn in the classroom to real-world situations in leading organizations.


The internship program is strongly backed by our long-term partnerships with businesses and organizations. More than 800 entities participate in our students’ education by offering site visits, career workshops and placement opportunities. They also partner with ESSEC’s seven centers of excellence and 21 learning and research chairs to contribute to knowledge creation. In helping our graduates advance their professional aspirations, we have produced business leaders who helm some of the world’s most influential organizations such as Accenture, PwC, UBS, Chanel, L'Oréal and Van Cleef & Arpels. 


Without doubt, ESSEC is more than a school. It is a melting pot of talents and a center of learning and experimentation that nurtures creativity and maturity while promoting freedom of autonomy. We are a school that puts our students before their education so that their success transcends their time within our campuses.



“Before joining ESSEC, I worked across a variety of countries and industries, and I was constantly on the lookout for new opportunities and challenges. Along the way, the omnipresence of digital business continued to grow and I was intrigued by how innovations were disrupting industries. I wanted a business school that understands my journey, reflects my values and can equip me with the skill sets to be a more effective leader in an increasingly international, innovation-driven digital future.”

Jeffrey Fraser, ESSEC Global MBA, Digital Business & Innovation Major


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