MBA​ ​in ​International Luxury Brand Management


Luxury is a key asset of ESSEC Business School and will be even more important in the near future. Building upon the recent launch of its Center of Excellence in Luxury, Art and Culture, as well as its pioneering tradition, ESSEC wishes to take its MBA in International Luxury Brand Management to the next level. We want to equip our graduates to better understand the recent evolutions of the Luxury sector, which is becoming more global, with a more complex value chain from craftsmanship to digitalization, taking into account that Luxury is based on the marriage between tradition and modernity, between history and the future. 

We have therefore decided to transform our MBA in International Luxury Brand Management, into a Global MBA with a major in Luxury Brand Management, as of September 2017. The wide choice of luxury specialized classes will of course remain, as well as the mentor program, luxury seminars, field trips, boutique internships which make our program so unique. In addition to this advanced specialized content, students of the program will also benefit from an enhanced core curriculum emphasizing macroeconomics and politics, the crucial role of innovation, digital transformation, financial skills and complexity management.

Discover the new ESSEC Global MBA

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