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A word from our Academic Directors

An intelligent use of data nowadays forms the core of business decisions constitutes the driving force of the societal and economic evolution of the years to come. It is probably one of the most important topics of our days. Analysts estimate that data-related businesses generated about 10 billion dollars in recent years, and will probably generate more than 30 billion dollars in the years to come.

The growth in job opportunities is tremendous: companies and organizations will need a couple of hundred thousand data scientists and business analytics leaders in the next few years. Moreover, the exponential growth in content-generation will bring about a huge need for highly qualified individuals with an in-depth knowledge and a global understanding of the technological and business challenges underlying the digital revolution era.

Recent business studies converge to an estimated need of educating several million data scientists and leaders within the decade to come. This is why two prestigious French Grandes Ecoles ESSEC Business School and CentraleSupélec have partnered to propose this very innovative and complete program. We believe that truly innovative leaders must be both business savvy and erudite in data sciences.Hence we propose a unique program where students learn and combine the key skills in innovation and wealth creation that companies will increasingly require"


Academic Co-Director
Professor of Econometrics & Statistics, ESSEC Business School


Academic Co-Director
Professor of Applied Mathematics & Computer Science, CentraleSupélec

Yan LI

Academic Co-director
Professor of Information Systems, Decision Sciences and Statistics, ESSEC Business School

What will you do?

The structure of the program explained

8 to 10 months


In France
Refresher & Core courses
ESSEC France Campus and CentraleSupélec Campus


In France

In Singapore

Major in Data Sciences
CentraleSupélec Campus

Major in Business Analytics
ESSEC France Campus

Major in Digital Transformation Strategy
ESSEC Asia-Pacific Campus

Mix between Data Sciences & Business Analytics courses

Minor in Data Sciences

Minor in Business Analytics

International Field Trip

iMagination Week
Capstone industrial project
International Field Trip

4 to 6 months


Internship & Thesis

The first period in France

Regardless of how you would like to later specialize, you would always start your program in France. During the first period (P1), that runs from September to December, you receive "refresher courses" and core courses. The refresher courses - taken in September - are courses geared at bringing everybody up to the knowledge level needed for the rest of the program. Core courses, or fundamentals, cover the basis for your specialization further on in the year. In total, you will have six highly intensive course courses in P1. Both the refresher courses as the core courses take place on both campuses in the area around Paris: on the ESSEC Business School campus or the CentraleSupélec Saclay campus.

You choose your campus and Major

During period 2 you will choose one of three Majors to specialize in. Depending on your choice, you will continue your program either at the CentraleSupélec Saclay Campus in France, the ESSEC France Campus also in France or the ESSEC Asia-Pacific Campus in Singapore. The first part of P2 is uniquely devoted to your specialization choice. After this, depending on your choice of Major, you will have the opportunity to take courses or minors from the other directions, giving you a well-rounded and balanced set of skills. P2 ends with an International Field Trip, and the length of this period varies depending on your choices. The electives are available from January to June.

Applying your new skills to the real world

During the final phase of the program in period 3, you will do an internship and write your thesis. The internship can take anywhere between 4 to 6 months and allows you to put your newly acquired skills and knowledge to the test. It is also an excellent way to grow your business network and to take the first steps to secure a job after graduation.

Period 1: Building the foundation

During the first period, you will attend six intensive foundation courses. Below is a short description of these courses. To read a more detailed description of the foundation courses offered, have a look at our brochure by clicking on the name of a course.

Foundation courses offered at the 
ESSEC Business School Campus

Foundation courses offered at the
CentraleSupélec Saclay Campus

Big data analytics 
This course will develop your analytical problem-solving skills and present you with the statistical methods needed to analyze and leverage multidimensional data.

Continuous & Discrete Optimization 
Programming exercises are covered in this course as well as the basic theory and methods for the solution of optimization problems, and linear and non-linear programming.

Forecasting & Predictive Analytics 
This course develops your judgment and critical sense in order to be able to produce and evaluate operational forecasts, and understand how it all can go wrong.

Big Data Algorithms, Techniques & Platforms 
This course will teach you all about big data management - algorithms, techniques and tools needed to support big data processing.

Strategic Business Analytics 
This course will teach you to design, assess and manage business strategies and how to use quantitative techniques in a strategic consulting approach through real life case studies.

Machine learning 
This course will give the opportunity to apply the course theory to real-world problems through group lab projects with a particular focus on statistical risk and its minimization with respect to prediction function.

 See below an example class of our course in Machine Learning by Chloé-Agathe Azencott.

Period 3: Put your new skills to the test

The Data Sciences & Business Analytics program is built on the premise of learning by doing. That is to say, we don't want you to just theorize about your chosen field of expertise, but to experience it and to delve into the complexities of business life in the real world. That is why, all students will go on an international field trip, do an internship and write a final thesis.

Your Internship, with a duration of 4 to 6 months, can take place anywhere in the worlds and is designed to facilitate your professional integration. Through the developed network of ESSEC and of CentraleSupélec's partnering firms, institutions, and alumni, you are sure to easily find an internship that suits your career ambitions.

The Thesis is an individual research that you carry out on a cutting-edge topic related to data sciences and/or business analytics. It will be a great way for you to combine your built-up expertise with an inquisitive mindset and real-world data. The objective for you is to experience a first complete and original applied theoretical research experience. 

Finally, the International Field Trip is a one-week trip to meet local professionals and business leaders all over the world. You may travel to Hong-Kong, Silicon Valley, etc.

 It’s one of the few programs out there where you can learn the theory behind truly state of the art Machine Learning/Data Science techniques, and at the same time apply them to real world problems in the business domain. The program has also given me the chance to work with many other talented students from a variety of backgrounds. As an undergraduate, I studied mathematics and computer science, but I’ve been able to work with and learn from colleagues with backgrounds in business, finance, and engineering, just to name a few.

Gregory Islas, current student from the US

Gregory Islas
Current student from the US


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