Paris Cergy Campus


Located just 35 minutes from the center of Paris and a few minutes from the Cergy-Préfecture RER station, ESSEC's Paris Cergy Campus is a place specifically designed for student life. This campus is primarily devoted to full-time education, a perfect place for studying, and more! The city of Cergy is well connected to public transportation (25 min to international airport, several train stations and bus lines in addition to the RER line), and offers a wide range of cultural and sporting activities and numerous green spaces. ESSEC Business School's historic campus is driven by innovation and is resolutely forward-looking, thanks to the school's ambitious "Campus 2023" project which will make it a place to live and study worthy of the highest international standards.

Lecture halls, classrooms and small group work spaces (called “bubbles”)
6 000
Of total student capacity
60 000 m²
Of total surface area

Located in the heart of the second-largest university hub of the Île-de-France region with over 25,000 students, the dynamic city of Cergy offers a great quality of life. After classes at ESSEC, you will be able to enjoy a pleasant environment and a host of activities.

Nearby, you will find: five theaters, one of which was awarded the “national stage” label, and a music conservatoire, numerous performance venues, multiplex cinemas, national festivals (Cergy Soit, Jazz au fil de l'Oise, Festival Baroque, etc.) and a multitude of sports facilities (swimming pools, ice rink, golf course, etc.). Plenty to do in your spare time.

Nature lovers will enjoy Cergy’s location in the countryside, opening onto 2,000ha of green spaces, a regional nature conservation area and 20km of riverbanks along the Oise River.

For shopping, one of the region’s largest malls, Les Trois Fontaines, is just a few minutes walking distance from the campus. The mall, which was renovated in 2022, features numerous stores and a brand new food court.

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Because life on campus is not limited to the classroom, the Paris Cergy Campus offers a rich and lively student life. The many clubs operating on the campus host numerous events and activities that promote multicultural interaction, and for good reason: ESSEC's international students account for over 40% of the total student body. With students from all over the world, over 100 different nationalities are proudly represented.

It is in this cosmopolitan context that, over the years, successive classes of ESSEC students have founded and managed more than 100 student organizations with a wide variety of themes: sports; culture; humanitarian; international; or community-oriented. 

These student organizations are the heartbeat of the campus and student life at ESSEC. They organize conferences, festive events, trips, tournaments, concerts, plays, community-driven initiatives, to name just a few of the many events you will get the opportunity to discover throughout the academic year. Getting involved in one or more student organizations will be a great way for you to grow, both personally and professionally.


Redesigning traffic flow for a green and eco-responsible campus


  • Full pedestrianization of the campus;

  • The establishment of green spaces and trees contributing to biodiversity;

  • Landscaping the campus for continuity with the François-Mitterrand Park;

  • The development of soft mobility;

  • The provision of charging stations for electric vehicles;

  • The optimization of rooftops at the center of the campus.


Establishing a new Sports & Recreation Center shared with the local community


A brand new, two-story, multi-purpose sports center, to meet the needs of students: a 1,300m² sports hall; a 120m² climbing wall; two 200m² multi-sports halls; and a rooftop tennis court. It will be wrapped in a glass shell looking onto the park, with direct access via the park to enable access by local sports clubs.

Transforming the “historical” administrative Tower into the Research Green Tower, which will be exemplary in its bioclimatic design

Driven by a willingness to set an example in its design, this space will be profoundly transformed to become an eco-responsible and eco-sufficient building.

It will be completely reorganized to promote rigorous, relevant, experimental and multidisciplinary academic research based on flexible, agile and user-friendly spaces.

In particular, it will feature dedicated spaces for international research seminars, thesis rooms, and new work spaces for professor-researchers and doctoral students.

Establishing the Pierre Nanterme Center for Responsible Leadership, which includes new innovative educational spaces

Two stories of educational spaces designed to meet the needs of tomorrow: versatility; modularity; multi-campus courses; integration of pedagogical digital innovations, etc.

Ground floor: 700m² devoted to the Enlightening Entrepreneurship pillar

First floor: 700m² devoted to new teaching methods

The building is designed to accommodate two additional floors, in order to meet future developments.

50 years of campus life in Cergy

A symbol of ESSEC’s Paris Cergy Campus, the Grand Amphitheatre lecture hall welcomes entire cohorts of students at various stages of their academic journey: onboarding at the start of the academic year for the school’s various programs (Global BBA, MiM, Masters, etc.); academic experiences; lectures, etc. It also hosts numerous ESSEC and student association events. It can accommodate up to 500 people.

The Paris Cergy Campus has a total of 29 different-sized lecture halls, which are used for courses, conferences, etc. The largest of these are called “PAs”. There are 10 such lecture halls, most often tiered, with the largest ones accommodating up to 100 students. All are equipped with video-conferencing equipment.

The Knowledge lab, a space for pedagogical innovation

ESSEC Ventures, an incubator in the heart of the campus bringing students' entrepreneurial projects to life

Since it was founded, ESSEC has always cultivated a spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation, placing these values at the very core of its educational approach, research, and managerial practices.

The Cergy campus offers a unique space for supporting students in their entrepreneurial ventures: the ESSEC Ventures incubator. Our goal is to guide and advise you throughout your studies at ESSEC.

Since its launch in 2000, the ESSEC Ventures incubator has supported nearly 500 business projects.


The Dôme: a versatile space

The Dôme is ESSEC’s multipurpose hall. With a capacity of 2,400 standing places for special celebrations, it is used as an examination room for the competitive entry exams and as a dance floor during the yearly La Nuit de l'ESSEC campus-wide party.

And other recreation and entertainment spaces

After a day of hard work, visit the ESSEC cafeteria to grab a refreshment and relax. Or you might prefer to visit the clubs corridor to get a feel for the school’s associative life.


Getting to the campus

  • 3 avenue Bernard Hirsch
  • 95021 Cergy-Pontoise

Public transportation

 Transilien lines H or J, Cergy-Préfecture station

 RER A, destination: Cergy Le Haut - Cergy-Préfecture station

 Bus lines: 95-19, 95-20, N150


See itinerary

In 2009, ESSEC entrusted Accesmétrie with an accessibility diagnosis of the Paris Cergy Campus. The historic buildings, which were built in the 1970s, were brought up to the accessibility standards for establishments open to the public (disabled access elevators, etc.). The more recent buildings, built in the 2000s, were already built to current standards and are equipped with all necessary facilities to ensure our campus is accessible to all.

Since then, regular improvements have been made, such as the addition of tactile paving and tactile strips on stairs, and the installation of low mirrors in certain washrooms. The improvement of the accessibility of the campus is an integral part of the requirements for new construction projects, for instance for the Campus 2023 project.


On-campus dining services

  • The Jali cafeteria, open from 11:30am to 2pm
  • The Between Us cafeteria, open from 7:30am to 6:15pm

  • The cafeteria also has microwaves to heat up your meals


Access to all the subsidized CROUS restaurants, brasseries and cafeterias throughout Cergy Pontoise

  • The price per meal for students is capped at €3.15. All you need to do is show your ESSEC student card.

  • There are four subsidized CROUS restaurants near the campus
    • «Le Parc» 5, avenue du Parc - 95000 Cergy-Pontoise Opening hours : 11:30 am- 1:30 pm
    • «Saint-Christophe» Site universitaire de Saint-Christophe 49, rue des Genottes - 95024 Cergy-Pontoise 11:30 am - 1:30 pm
    • «Saint-Martin» Site universitaire de Saint Martin 2, rue Adolphe Chauvin - 95000 Cergy-Pontoise  Restaurant : 11:30 - 13:30 / Cafeteria : 9:00 - 14:00
    • «Les chênes» 33, boulevard du Port - 95000 Cergy-Pontoise  Cafeteria : 8 am - 4 pm / Brasserie : 11:30 - 2 pm

In Cergy-Pontoise, ESSEC offers four student residences so you can enjoy all the benefits of campus life in an international, friendly and dynamic environment. ALEGESSEC (Association pour le Logement des Étudiants du Groupe ESSEC) provides housing for one out of every four ESSEC students and more than 84% of them are international students.

Each residence has its own unique atmosphere, from the multicultural atmosphere of the Hauts-de-Cergy residence to the atypical design and comfort of Le Port. A total of 1,093 rooms, studios and apartments are available close to the campus and equipped with quality services and all the amenities you need to make life easier. You choose whether you prefer to live alone in a single studio, with a roommate in a double studio, or apply for an apartment for couples.



How to book a room?

As soon as you receive your B00xxxx identifier, you will be able to access the ALEGESSEC online portal from your “myessec” space to submit your housing application:

External students should contact us by email ( or by phone (+33 (0) 1 34 20 60 00)



“The Le Parc residence is much more than just a place to live: it's an opportunity to open up to a new family, with people potentially from all over the world! I was afraid that I would lose all my bearings living alone. But I had no need to be afraid: with all my roommates, we learned to live together, to accept one another and make the most of our cultural differences!"

Émilie Ung-Sun

Global BBA - France

“What I appreciate about the Le Port residence is the level of comfort of the rooms, which are spacious and cozy, as well as the fact that the residence is rather quiet. Also, it is close to ESSEC (10 minutes maximum by foot) so you still feel part of the campus life.”

David Jami

Master in Management – France

“I chose Linandes for its value for money. The bus stop nearby allows for a quick and easy commute between the residence and ESSEC, the Cergy RER station and the Trois Fontaines shopping mall.”

Eadwin-Dean Chehdl

Global BBA - France

How to apply?

For all students

  • Apply for the APL on the CAF website, ONLY AFTER YOU HAVE BEEN GIVEN THE KEYS TO YOUR ACCOMMODATION, following the procedure sent to you on the day you were given the keys.

  • If you previously received APL for another accommodation, you must contact your former CAF to inform them of your new address and they will guide you through the necessary steps.

  • A bank account number from a French bank (RIB) is required.


For French nationals

  • The APL cannot be combined with the family allowance from the CAF.


For international students

  • For students from outside the European Community, a student visa or residence permit is required.

  • The validity dates of the residence permit must cover the period of occupancy.

  • Eligibility for APLs is based on the type of visa, but not the duration of the visa.

  • Required: your birth certificate and its translation into French stamped by the French embassy or consulate in your home country.


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