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Find the video of Sylvie Ménissier-Novat interview, Academic Director of the MS Strategy and Management of International Business. She answers questions from internet users...


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Betty Tsai, 2012 English Track student, and Sylvie Ménissier-Novat, Academic Director of the program answer questions from Internet users:

    • 1’22 - LE SPEECH
    • 3’38 - Bonjour, dans quelle mesure est-il important d’avoir un profil international pour correspondre aux critères de recrutement du MS SMIB ? Merci
    • 6’13 - The job is hard to get. Honestly, an advanced master is really enough to seriouly apply. Do you have recent examples? Does that not depend on the background degree of the student?
    • 7’52 - Do you offer scholarships for foreign students?
    • 9’38 - Even though the course is in English to be able to find an internship or job in France we need to understand French language. So, do we get any chance to learn French while studying for this program ?
    • 12’21 - Quels sont mes chances d'être admissible au SMIB en fonction de l'école de commerce dont je suis diplômé? Autrement ai-je une chance d'être admissible si je viens d'une école de commerce post-bac? Merci.
    • 14’36 - Can you explain the exact content of the program?
    • 16’25 - EXPERT QUESTION « International » is used essentially as a catch-all reference. Can you demonstrate that this word makes sense in your program?
    • 18’50 - Can be the SMIB adapted to a person with 3 years of professional experience wanting to redirect her career?
    • 20’04 - Can we apply for the smib in "apprentissage" if we have just graduated from a school of engineering?
    • 20’59 - There are 4 sessions to apply, 2 are especially for foreign students, 2 are especially for French students. I will only be able to apply on the 4th session (April) for several reasons I can't before. Do I have the same chances to get in than the other students who applied earlier?
    • 22’27 - Can we apply for different tracks of the smib in the same time?
    • 25’22 - What is the ratio between appliances and people admitted?
    • 25’36 - Quid de l'adéquation des compétences acquises dans cette formation avec des postes/profils recherchés par les grandes institutions internationales (Banque Mondiale, FMI, ONUD, ONU, etc)?
    • 27’20 - Hello, I wish to work in consultancies in strategy, is the SMIB fitting my expectations? Thank you
    • 30’55 - Betty, what is for you the benefit of the SMIB? Is there a bad point?
    • 34’38 - Mme Ménissier, quelle est svp la frontière entre le SMIB et la grande école ESSEC ? Comment choisir ?
    • 36’03 - EXPERTQUESTION  Do you know what your competitors say about you? Your master is so broad that it is a catch-all program!
    • 39’26 - Why were you ranked a few years ago and not anymore?
    • 40’11 - What are your 2-3 strengths?
    • 41’26 - Could you, Sylvie, please, give us an explanation about the tracks? Thks !
    • 44’33 - Sylvie, what's the first thing you look for in an application form?
    • 50’38 - How about finding an accommodation within the study terms abroad? Is there any support by Essec or do you offer dormitory for instances in Singapore as well?
    • 51’47 - CONCLUSION

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