6 Reasons You Should Make Getting an EMBA a New Year’s Resolution


Resolutions for the New Year come in all shapes and sizes. Why not go big and make the upcoming year the one in which you begin an executive MBA? Among the top business schools in Europe, ESSEC Business School offers two distinct 18-month EMBA programs to suit a range of needs for those looking to go for this executive degree. And whether one or several of the following motivations apply to you, you may be a prime candidate for either of the programs.

At this moment in your life, you’d like to:

1 - Reposition yourself, wherever you are.

Whether you’re a seasoned executive, or just starting out, if you want to reposition yourself for a new role, an executive MBA can help you learn, grow and evolve so you can prepare for a pivot.

2 - Refresh your skills and knowledge.

If you’re in a changing industry, or if you’re feeling a bit out of touch, an EMBA can provide a vital refresh when it comes to current best practices and necessary skills, sharpening your industry acumen and experience.

3 - Make a change in your career.

Through expert teaching and hands-on project experience, an ESSEC EMBA gives you the right industry exposure and skills to be able to shift sectors or roles with confidence.

4 - Leverage company support.

If your current company is willing to support your continuing education, an EMBA can be a beneficial pursuit both for you and your company, creating value all around.

5 - Start your own business.

ESSEC EMBA programs feature structured opportunities to undertake strategic, entrepreneurial or social projects which give you the hands-on experience to ideate and start a new business idea.

6 - Grow your network.

One of the standout features of ESSEC EMBA programs is its network of tens of thousands of professors, mentors and alumni around the world.

If getting an EMBA is starting to sound like the right New Year’s resolution for you, consider ESSEC’s two distinct programs. For an executive-friendly format, the ESSEC & Mannheim EMBA (European track or Asian Trackis a modular opportunity (1 week of classes every 6 weeks) allowing participants to grow their business expertise across corporate functions, bolstering international exposure and leadership skills. The ESSEC EMBA is a weekend-based program (Friday and Saturday every 2 weeks) with a focus on entrepreneurship and innovation, designed for candidates at any point in their career. Both provide a cross-cultural business perspective, enriched through classes and study trips in Europe, the United States and Asia; and both feature ample, hands-on project opportunities led in teams with peers to grow collectively as responsible, open-minded and collaborative leaders

For more information about ESSEC EMBA programs, visit website.com.