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  • Nov 14

    Specialised Masters Coffee Chat and Consultation - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Meet our program advisor in ...

    10:00 | Kuala Lumpur Sign up
  • Nov 30

    Viral Marketing Campaign- What Makes It Work? Masterclass

    In this master class, we ...

    14:00 | Bangkok, Thailand Sign up
  • Dec 04

    Innovation for Survival - Hanoi Master Class

    Come experience a typical lecture ...

    19:00 | Hanoi, Vietnam Sign up
  • Dec 21

    “How will Big Data affect the future of Asia?” Data Science Master Class

    Modelled after a typical lecture ...

    13:00 | Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam Sign up
  • Nov 14

    Access MBA | Istanbul

    Meet with us in Istanbul.

    17:00 | Istanbul, Turkey Sign up
  • Nov 20

    Access EMBA | Abu Dhabi

    Meet us in Abu Dhabi

    16:30 | Abu Dhabi, UAE Sign up
  • Nov 22

    Access MBA | Dubai

    Meet us in Dubai.

    13:30 | Dubai, UAE Sign up

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