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Founded in 1907, ESSEC Business School is a leading academic institution that combines academic rigor and practical expertise to educate the responsible leaders of tomorrow. Upholding a legacy of excellence, it nurtures a spirit of openness to advance business and social initiatives as well as innovation.


With programs ranked among the best in the world, thanks in particular to its outstanding faculty, ESSEC Business School is a dynamic and committed school, recognized for its ability to educate and transform the leaders of tomorrow.


7 550
initial education students, 38.32% of whom are international students
professors of 36 nationalities, 24 Emeriti professors
managers/executives in Executive Education
research and teaching chairs, backed by over 1,000 companies
partner schools and universities, in 49 countries
71 376
ESSEC Alumni members throughout the world

ESSEC, a committed school

In order to inspire new forms of leadership, ESSEC’s RISE strategy is structured around three pillars.

Sustainability and social change

Recognizing the pressing need for action, ESSEC has made ecological and social concerns the cornerstones of its strategy through the Together initiative, launched in October 2020. This comprehensive roadmap enables us to take proactive measures across key areas such as our teaching and research, the transformation of our campus, as well as our governance and operations.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Building on its long tradition of entrepreneurship, exemplified in the establishment of the ESSEC Ventures incubator in 2000, the school has chosen to further strengthen its ecosystem to foster entrepreneurship and innovation. Leveraging its strong partnerships and network of excellence, ESSEC is able to offer ever more comprehensive programs, educational experiences, and support to students eager to embark on an entrepreneurial adventure.

Data, Technology & Society

ESSEC has built an entire ecosystem around its Metalab, the Center for Data, Technology, and Society, aimed at preparing future leaders for the widespread adoption of data technologies. Within this framework, ESSEC is deploying efforts across four key fronts: pioneering innovative educational programs; leveraging technology in research endeavors by our faculty; forging alliances with industrial and public partners; and informing the public conversation on the matter.

Become an ESSEC partner

Each year, more than 1,000 companies renew their trust in us by committing to the school, actively contributing to the education of our talents and, more broadly, to the life of the institution. This symbiotic relationship between your company and the ESSEC community fosters a sustainable ecosystem, which is beneficial for students, your employer brand as well as your recruitment needs. The Corporate Relations team is committed to building this partnership with you.


Alumni network

When you join ESSEC Business School, you also join ESSEC Alumni.

Founded in 1923 by a young graduate, ESSEC Alumni stands as one of the largest alumni networks in France. Boasting 71,000 members, this network spans five continents, in over 85 countries. It runs more than 125 chapters around the world, organizing nearly 500 events a year.

ESSEC Alumni