Digital Campus Life Project : ESSEC BDE Malibu keeps in touch

Digital Campus Life Project :  ESSEC BDE Malibu keeps in touch

After the school’s pedagogical innovation during the lockdown, it is the ESSEC students' turn to innovate: with the “Digital Campus Life Project”, the BDE Malibu enables students to reactivate associative life.

What is the Digital Campus Life Project about?

The Digital Campus Life Project is a novel and non-profit initiative of BDE Malibu association to help students have a digital student life from home. As most of us are in isolation, we have boredom lurking over us and we thought wouldn’t this be the perfect time for students to acquire new skills because we have more free time on our hands.  ESSEC students are multi-talented and wouldn’t that be the best way to learn. This project aims to empower students where they can showcase their mastered skills while keeping them busy. This project aims to reignite the association life, especially as most association projects for Term3 were cancelled. 

What are the main motivations for this project ?

The quarantine/confinement is a very boring period and we thought to ourselves wouldn't it be the best time to develop skills. As you know, most online courses are paid and as we students are on a limited budget, wouldn’t it be amazing to learn skills for free from other ESSEC students, as ESSEC community consists of multi-talented individuals. In this way, a student will learn new skills while another student will be able to showcase his or her skills and hence feel as a full member of the ESSEC community. 

Who is it aimed at?

The project was initially aimed at all students, from all programs (GBBA, MSc in management, MS and IHMI) but we decided to open it to all ESSEC staff as well.

What kind of content or services are you planning to offer?

As it is a collaborative project, the students ideate and share their skills. We proposed students to teach each other languages, softwares, cooking, and coding skills. We have ESSEC- Moi l’Histoire delivering a lecture on ‘Introduction à l'histoire du genre’, ESSEC RMX conducting ‘DJing Course by Paul’ and a ‘Rubik Cube Solving Workshop’ by Indian National Record Holder Hari Anirudh Swaminathan. The ESSEC Bureau des Arts are planning to organise an art conference for students with the Louvre Museum.


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