ESSEC Asia-Pacific: Information

ESSEC Asia-Pacific: Information

[Updated February 8, 2021]

After having delivered courses online since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, ESSEC APAC has been welcoming students on campus since the end of August 2020. With the gradual easing of travel restrictions by the Singapore government, students have been able to get their visas and fly from their home countries to Singapore from September 2020 and early October 2020. By mid-November 2020, more than 75 % of our 435 students have joined their program at our Nepal Hill campus in Singapore. We continue to teach most of the classes from the campus and all classes with online participation are conducted with dual mode of teaching to allow both online and in class participants to not only follow classes but also actively participate in learning experience.

From the start of reopening of the campus, we have the following safety measures and protocols in place.

ESSEC APAC’s COVID-19 Protocol - At Campus Entry

  • Before entering the campus premises, please proceed directly to the security station located outside the main lobby entrance at Level 3 to take your temperature first. Anyone with fever, flu-like, respiratory symptoms will be denied entry.
  • Please scan the QR code for “SafeEntry” that is displayed at the security station. You will be prompted to a designated URL to enter your official name, NRIC/FIN number and mobile number to “check-in”. Upon successful check-in, please show your check-in mobile screen to the security officer before you enter the premises.
  • When you leave the premises, please remember to “check-out” from the SafeEntry URL/QR code.
  • Please also download and activate the TraceTogether app. For the TraceTogether app to be effective in contact tracing, please ensure that your mobile Bluetooth is always switched on.

ESSEC APAC’s COVID-19 Protocol - In Class or On Campus

In case of any COVID-19 related symptoms or other health situations :

- Displayed by Students: The Faculty/Lecturers/Staff in class must report to reception. Reception will get security to escort the concerned student to leave the premises. Reception will make a note of student details and inform the Safety Manager.

- Displayed by Faculty/Lecturers/Staff: the Faculty/Lecturers/Staff must report to reception and leave the premises. Reception will make a note and inform the Safety Manager.

If a Student/Faculty/Lecturers/Staff calls Academic Director, Program Manager, Faculty, Staff HOD – they must report to reception and minimize contact with concerned people. Reception will get security to escort the concerned person to leave the premises. Reception will make a note of person’s details and inform the Safety Manager.

Students/Faculty/Lecturers/Staff can return to campus once free of COVID-19 symptoms (with doctor’s certificate or other evidence as may be required).

If anyone with COVID-19 symptoms becomes COVID-19 positive, ESSEC APAC will initiate a business continuity plan in such situations as required (disinfection of premises, work with MOH and other regulatory authorities on next steps).

In the event of a confirmed case on campus: all those in close contact with the confirmed case  (class, office, event, etc.) will be contacted by MOH officials and advised on the measures that should be taken. In general, close contacts are identified as persons who had provided care for or have had close physical contact with the case.

Affected Staff/Faculty who are on the Stay Home Notice (SHN) will work from home and Students on SHN will attend their classes online.

In the event several cases are reported on campus: all persons on-site may be tested by the local public health authority; clusters with potential cases will be contained; thorough cleaning will take place; access to campus will be dependent on test results.

Adaptation, reduction or suspension of activities may occur depending on the advisory issued by the respective government authorities.

All the above will be subjected to any changes in regulations or requirements by the relevant government authorities.

Besides these measures which were implemented from the start of the reopening of the campus, we have implemented some additional measures taking into account the increased number of students on campus.

In classrooms

  • Redesigned seating plans respecting social distancing and other norms. These layouts will be displayed on the faculty desk at each classroom.
  • Name tent for each student with seat number (fixed seating for each student)
  • First row of seats has either been removed or rearranged to be further away from faculty.
  • No consumption of food and beverages in classrooms is allowed.
  • Designated area for faculty to allow faculty movement without compromising safety. Faculty is advised to restrict their movement within this area and maintain the 1-meter safe distancing at all times. 

Common areas and generic information:

  • Additional 1-meter markings done at level 3 entrance and level 5 dining hall to help with safe distancing measures. Kindly follow safe distancing at all times.
  • Along with QR code for SafeEntry, we have enabled scanning of physical ID cards issued by the Singapore government (NRIC/Work Permit/StudentVisa, etc.,).
  • Kindly remember to check-out from ESSEC APAC once you leave the campus. This would enable faster and more accurate contact tracing.
  • Staff and Faculty are required to fill-in Staff Entry google form accurately. For this form, no need to sign-out.

Enforcement of safety norms in class and outside:

  • Security guards will be taking rounds of the campus (common areas) to enforce safety norms.
  • Security guards will also be checking classrooms during breaks to enforce safety norms.
  • Faculty/Lecturers/Staff can refuse to allow anyone who does not follow safety measures to be in the class/activity/session.

If you notice any deviations related to Safe Management Measures (SMM) , you can approach the concerned person and remind, gently, to follow safety norms. If you prefer to inform the security/facilities team about safety deviations, you are encouraged to do so with details of deviations.

In line with Singapore government guidelines on conducting events on campus, most of the co-curricular and extracurricular activities on campus have been suspended until further notice.

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