ESSEC to launch a new one-year Master in Management (MIM) Intensive Track program: a catalyst for employability and dual skills


ESSEC is positioning itself as one of the forerunners in France by offering a one-year intensive track of its flagship Master in Management (MIM) program, starting in September 2024. This new program is designed for students who have been admitted on the basis of academic merit, having graduated from an International Bachelor’s program lasting at least three years, or who hold a Master 1 degree issued by a French university. Additionally, they must have a minimum of one year of professional experience and international work experience lasting at least six months.

The program seeks to open up new professional prospects for students, facilitating their rapid entry into the job market within a one-year timeframe. It will equip students with valuable management skills, serving as a significant addition to their initial degree.

Emmanuelle Le Nagard, Director of the ESSEC Business School Master in Management Program: ‘Student feedback and satisfaction are the linchpin of everything we create. It’s with this in mind that we have developed a new program tailored to meet our students’ needs, providing them with an educational path that will quickly propel them into the job market. This one-year Master’s in Management also affords us the flexibility to continually refine and align the program with the evolving demands of the global job market.’

As part of this program, ESSEC will offer students a unique educational experience, centred on a consulting assignment involving a placement within a company in another country. This international dimension of the program, coupled with the acquisition of professional experience, is geared towards shaping future managers capable of adapting to a constantly evolving global environment.

This new track, aligned with current market demands, will provide students with a robust academic foundation, empowering them to actualize their career aspirations. Moreover, this track aligns with the core pillars of ESSEC’s RISE strategy, bringing together an entrepreneurial spirit, a commitment to environmental and social change , and the use of AI and data for the betterment of society.

ESSEC is attentive to the needs of students wishing to follow a more extensive program, involving a blend of professional and academic experiences in order to shape their career trajectory. For this reason, ESSEC is maintaining the traditional MIM program as a flexible program. Moving forward, students will have the choice between a one-year intensive program and a flexible program spanning two to three years, depending on their prior professional and international experiences.

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