ESSEC's SMIB program accredited as a Master's degree

ESSEC's SMIB program accredited as a Master's degree

The SMIB program is now authorized by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation to award a recognized BAC+5 degree, Master’s Grade, to its students. 

The recognition of the SMIB program is based on a comprehensive evaluation of criteria such as the quality of course content, the pedagogy, the faculty, the admission process, and professional integration.This Master's Grade also recognizes the international nature of the program in all aspects, from the diversity of students and faculty, to the international business trips as well as exchanges and double degrees.

In addition, this allows students to apply to governmental financial aids, pursue doctoral studies afterwards, and extend their visa to apply for jobs in Europe. Students joining the program from the 2021 intake onwards will graduate with a Master in Strategy & Management of International Business (SMIB).  

With the recognition of the program as a Master’s degree, students with a 3-year Bachelor or Licence 3 are now eligible to apply for the program. If admitted, they will start the program in Master 1 (M1), completing the program in 2 years (Master 1+Master 2). Depending on their latest degree and background, students with a 4-year Bachelor or Master degree will complete the Master SMIB in 1 year (Master 2 only).

Delivered across ESSEC’s campuses in France and Singapore, the Master SMIB offers 3 tracks: Corporate Strategy, Strategic Consulting, and Managing Digital Transformation & Innovation, and is designed to prepare students for a strategy-related career in an international context. With a strong focus on career outcomes, 97% of SMIB students sign their contract within 4 months after the company mission, obtaining starting salaries ranging from 45-56.5K €. SMIB alumni gain employment in a wide range of job functions, including Consulting (29%), Business Development/Sales (19%), Finance (18%), Marketing (14%), Management (5%), Audit (2%), Others(13%).

For more information about the SMIB program, visit the program page or download the brochure.


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