Haein's testimonial | MSc in Hospitality Management (IMHI)

02-07-2020 / Fanny Prevost
Haein's testimonial | MSc in Hospitality Management (IMHI)
Get ready to enter and enjoy the joyful lifestyle in Paris !

 Could you tell us more about yourself? 

안녕하세요(Bonjour)! As you can guess, I’m one of the international students at IMHI 2018-2020 and here is my brief story: The first time I stayed in a hotel, I was so amazed by how deeply everything was perfectly organized for the clients. On my way home, I started gathering information about this field. I discovered that the hospitality industry was way more complicated and varied than I expected: high competition between brands, new concepts arising on the market every day, the complexity of distribution... Then, I heard that France has a good reputation for the service since luxury is part of its culture. A few months later, I found myself studying in France, learning the principle of hospitality and the spirit of the French savoir-faire at Vatel Business School. But I was eager to learn more and boost my international career even after getting a bachelor’s degree, and Essec was the answer for me. This is how I chose my studies for a Master’s degree in ESSEC Business School.

Why did you choose to study at ESSEC and what did you like about it?

After my researches for different schools in France, I discovered that ESSEC has several advantages: It has been consistently ranked #1 in France, the program is in English, it has strong alumni network, in addition to compulsory classes, students have electives classes specialized in Luxury Services Management, Real Estate & Development, E-commerce and Entrepreneurship, and access to the Grand Ecole classes. Thus, I could study what I really consider as useful for my own career. This allowed me to work in Accor headquarter for my internship, one of the biggest multinational hospitality companies in the world. I’m fully aware that, without what I learned in the classes and the support of the school, I would not have the chance to get such a good internship.

How would you describe your ESSEC experience in the IMHI program?

By choosing one of the most difficult programs in the field, I could challenge myself and improve day by day. I learn that simply learning is not the most important, but learning how to learn is really what matters. Throughout the numerous group-works and the large number of works that I had to produce in a very short amount of time, I could adapt to any situation and also by having the chance to challenge myself, I went beyond my own abilities. IMHI students study hard, but also play hard! We have an Integration weekend with all first- and second-year students, various events for lunch or dinner together organized by BDE/student association, cook pasta in the popular pasta bar “The Lab”, IMHI Traiteur, and Junior IMHI specialized in Hospitality Consulting (These are dedicated associations especially for IMHI students). Also, drinking together with friends after class (not necessarily only after exam! Haha) at the bar “Foys” inside the Essec campus is a Must-To-Do. Doesn’t it sound so much fun already?

What is your best memory of your time in the program thus far?

Well, I have many unforgettable memories, but if I have to choose only one, I would say it is the internship experience at Accor headquarters as I already mentioned before! It was such a great pleasure for me to work with the professionals and learn how the head office’s organization and management are. In addition, I had the chance to meet and talk with some IMHI Alumni inside the company! To be honest, it wasn’t that easy in the beginning. I faced some hardships due to the cultural difference in the workplace or language at first but started getting to enjoy it by trying harder day by day and also thanks to the support of my team. It was a huge opportunity for me to experience how it is working in a French company before starting my real career after graduation!

As an international student, how would you describe your experience in Paris?

Despite the stress of studying, deadlines and exams, the lifestyle in Paris make me relax and excited. It is nice to walk around, have a drink at the local brasseries or bar, or a picnic in the park with friends. As there is also so much art in Paris as you may know, visiting some museums or exhibitions can be one of your hobbies here. Frankly speaking, I regretted recently that I didn’t make the most of my life’s opportunities to enjoy enough these kinds of activities in Paris so far. I believe that getting to know more and experience its rich and diverse French culture during my rest of studies would enrich my life in Paris. For this reason, I would highly recommend that Paris is the ideal city for international students to both study and enjoy life!

How has your education at ESSEC in the IMHI program helped you in terms of career development?

First of all, we have career service center/activities where we can get help to develop our career plan: Access to our online career center to receive tips, highly qualitative job offers (for internships, apprenticeship, and official jobs), unlimited access to individual appointments with career consultants, and on-campus ESSEC recruitment workshops or fairs with over 180 corporate partners. On top of these supports, former IMHI graduate who currently contributes to the success of the hospitality industry tells us their story and tips based on their experiences. Additionally, there are the monthly Get-Togethers in Paris during which current students can meet alumni in a casual environment. Thanks to all these given advantages, I could plan and prepare my own career path in advance from the beginning of my studies at ESSEC.

Any tips to give to future international students?

Even though the programs are in English, living in France indeed requires speaking French. If you have spare time, it would be nice to study and practice as much as you can before coming to France. But in case you couldn’t or didn’t have time, don’t worry! Here in ESSEC, we are provided with French language classes for international students and also there are lots of opportunities to meet and hang out with French students, especially in IMHI programs. Furthermore, if you wish to have an internship or apprenticeship in France, knowing its language and culture in advance can be an essential asset for you before starting your journey at ESSEC.

Last word?

If you are looking forward to discovering new dimensions of the hospitality industry apart from the operational aspects, if you want to challenge yourself and find what is the best for you, do not hesitate to join our IMHI program at ESSEC. Also, get ready to enter and enjoy the joyful lifestyle in Paris! You won’t regret this amazing adventure in your life!

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