iMagination Week Global BBA : a new formula for its 4th edition

iMagination Week Global BBA : a new formula for its 4th edition

From 27th to 31st August ESSEC Business School organized the fourth edition of iMagination Week for its 3rd year students of the Global BBA program. A new methodology around "design thinking" has made the formula evolved for this new season.

"Go deep into your utopias, get things that you desire, as creative and as crazy as they are," said Antoine Lemarchand, CEO of Nature & Découvertes, Alumnus ESSEC Global BBA and sponsor of this 4th edition of iMagination Week. This quote is naturally linked to the DNA of iMagination Week, a creativity seminar based on transdisciplinarity, which has been running for 7 years at ESSEC Business School. A new method was implemented this year, based on "Design Thinking". The 400 students of the promotion had to think a theme: "your role as a citizen at the center of the new technologies."

In order to inspire the students and feed their curiosity, 7 experts took part in conferences, on different subjects such as archeology, transhumanism, artificial intelligence, space conquest, gastronomy, street art... As proofs of diversity and richness of the discussions, the finalists projects tackled various topics like data security and privacy, fake news, medical technology support, sustainable development and artificial intelligence to help the electoral process. During the week, the event also hosted an artist-in-residence, Matthieu Dagorn, who made a sculpture with recycled materials.

The next edition of the iMagination Week will address students of the Grande École program and will be held from January 7 to 11, 2019 on the campus of Cergy, and from January 14 to 18 on the campus of Singapore.

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