iMagination Week Grande Ecole/MiM is back for a 10th edition

iMagination Week Grande Ecole/MiM is back for a 10th edition

From 4 to 8 January, iMagination Week welcomes once again the 900 students of the Grande Ecole / Master in Management program (11 to 15 january in Singapore). This edition will take place 100% online, in accordance with sanitary recommendations.

These 5 days will allow them to take height with conferences of experts in arts,  sciences, and other domains, who will be able to inspire them, stimulate their imagination and perhaps shake up the preconceived ideas. In parallel, it will also be an opportunity for them to apply creativity methods directly and to work as a team around the theme  “Ways of life 2050”. 

The iMagination Week, under the patronage of Patrick Reybet-Degat (E96), will welcome many strong personalities with unique backgrounds, who will share their experiences with students.  

“This experience aims at enriching students culturally by taking you out of their environment, explains Xavier Pavier, professor at ESSEC and Director of the iMagination Centre. It confronts them with transdisciplinarity experts, instilling a "visionary" spirit. Its objective is to help them become aware of the challenges of the society they are going to build and start questioning their contribution. It aims at helping students develop their critical skills for their future professional life: creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, inquisitive posture. Stimulating their imagination is key to enhance responsible innovation.”

iMagination Week Grande Ecole / Master in Management 2021 Conferences Program:

  • François Jullien, French philosopher, Hellenist, and sinologist

  • Sandra Marichal, First Female Explorer attempting Full Circumnavigation of our Oceans after completing First Ascents of Antarctica Summits

  • Richard Shusterman, American Pragmatist Philosopher, known for his contributions to philosophical aesthetics and the emerging field of somaesthetics. 

  • Josiah Zayner, biohacker, artist, and scientist best known for his self-experimentation and his work making hands-on genetic engineering accessible to a lay audience, including CRISPR.

  • Jeffrey Kahn, he works in a variety of areas of bioethics, exploring the intersection of ethics and health/science policy, including human and animal research ethics, public health, and ethical issues in emerging biomedical technologies.

  • Frederiks Schulze-Buxloh & Michael Marco Manger, pioneers and citizens of the utopian city Auroville, India.

  • Prize giving and closing conference by Patrick Reybet-Degat (E96), Godfather of this Edition.

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