iMagination Week rewarded by the AACSB for its innovative character

iMagination Week rewarded by the AACSB for its innovative character

This Monday, the AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) International rewarded ESSEC Business School for its iMagination Week initiative. The week, dedicated to imagination and creativity, was honored within the framework of the  Innovations That Inspire initiative which highlights the work carried out in schools of management to improve their teaching and learning experience.

The AACSB received 315 proposals from 33 different countries. The body finally retained only 35, including ESSEC’s iMagination Week, the idea being to emphasize the schools’ practices that enable tomorrow’s needs to be identified. “This year’s Innovations That Inspire initiative has highlighted the groundbreaking and commanding influence that AACSB’s member schools can have on the world when they focus their attention on creating impactful ideas for all of society,” said Tom R. Robinson, president and chief executive officer of AACSB international. We are honored to highlight ESSEC Business School’s innovation as a pioneer in the business education landscape, and use them as an example for how AACSB’s schools are facilitators for innovation and leadership.”

Imagination Week is in keeping with the spirit of innovation at ESSEC. Created in 2012 for students of the Grande Ecole, since 2015 this initiative has spread to other programs owing to its great success –whether on the Cergy or Singapore campus.  “Ever since its inception, the purpose of iMagination Week has been to raise ESSEC students’ awareness on the subjects of creativity and imagination, in order to train decision-makers who are as free as they are responsible, as imaginative as they are realistic, and who are capable of producing ideas and actions which are truly innovative. Our objective is to encourage students to go beyond their limits thanks to transdisciplinarity, to overcome their prejudices, to change their habits and to challenge what they take for granted. explains Professor Xavier Pavie, Director of the iMagination Center at ESSEC.

The AACSB is an American label accrediting the best schools of business and management in the world following a set of highly demanding criteria. It is attributed for a period of five years and involves a series of reports and audits carried out on site for re-accreditation. ESSEC was the first Business School outside North America to benefit from this accreditation in 1997.

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