Johny El Salamani's experience | MSc in Hospitality Management (IMHI)

12-06-2020 / Fanny Prevost
Johny El Salamani's experience | MSc in Hospitality Management (IMHI)

Could you tell us more about yourself?

Enthusiastic, great team player and always eager to learn more, are some of my strengths. It all started when I was doing my Bachelor of Science degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management at the Lebanese American University - Beirut, Lebanon. Going deeper into the field attached me more and more to the hospitality industry and gave me a great push and power to work along with my academic education to emphasize my knowledge and hospitality know-how. I started from the bottom of the industry as a server, then went into a hotel operations internship, later I worked as a receptionist and then went up the ladder to work as a resident manager, junior consultant, and analyst. And currently, I am pursuing my first year at ESSEC MSc in the hospitality management (IMHI)

Why did you choose to study at ESSEC and what did you like about it?

A big share of my professional network was ESSEC Alumni, if not Alumni, at least they were astonished by the education level at ESSEC and especially the Hospitality program is known as IMHI. After researching the university and other institutions as well, I was surprised by the level of professionalism I faced with ESSEC, which I did not find with other universities. Some other characteristics found at ESSEC but not elsewhere are the variety of courses that are not limited to a certain field of the industry, the facilities of the university and its’ extra-curricular activities. 

One of the best programs in Europe, and here I am, at ESSEC.

How would you describe your ESSEC experience in the IMHI program?

ESSEC is the perfect educational institution to experience as a student. With a special program as IMHI, we have privileges at the university. It all starts from your first contact with current students ready to help you apply for the program, goes along to the friendly and helpful registrar office and up until you become a student at IMHI. 

What better place to study Hospitality than a Hospitable educational institution. As IMHI students we are eligible to take other program courses, for instance, “Grande Ecole” courses that give us incredible opportunities to develop our scope of knowledge, culture, and understanding.

What is your best memory of your time in the program thus far?

The program is an unforgettable memory by itself, every course is a new story, every project is a different experience and every outing is an original celebration. My best memory so far is an academic experience, it was my first one at ESSEC, it is the CRASE intensive week (Cornell Restaurant Administration Simulation Exercise). During this week I had the chance to break the ice with almost everyone on the program, collaborate and challenge each other, all while learning and emphasizing our industry understanding. 

As an international student, how would you describe your experience in Paris?

Coming for education was my third visit ever to Paris, it was so different from coming as a tourist. As I am an adventure seeker, I was looking forward to living in a new country with a different culture than mine. Paris the Mega-City and the city of love hosted me the most nicely way - ever. Along with the education side of my life, I never get bored, Paris always has something for me to do: Museums to visit, people to meet, streets to discover, food to admire and definitely a culture to live.

Knowing French is not essential but can be an extra tool for international students to facilitate their experience in the city.

How has your education at ESSEC in the IMHI program helped you in terms of career development?

Doing my studies in one of the best Business schools is opening lots of doors for me in life. From the courses and the modern/ fresh materials to the instructors with enough field experience for us to understand, besides, the culture of ESSEC that builds a great network and empathy towards other “ESSEC associates”. All of these factors help me advance in my career and gives me endless options to choose from for my future professional career.

Furthermore, a “Career Services” office is always ready for help and the team prepares a lot of activities and self-improvement workshops to advance in the professional world.

Any tips to give to future international students?

Do not hesitate to come to this miraculous country, especially to the amazing ESSEC. The network international students get is priceless and the opportunity to discover a new lifestyle is overwhelming. If any of the international students are facing obstacles, keep in mind that ESSEC will provide you with an army of professionals to complete your dream, break the barriers and come join the program in France. 

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