Leading with Data-Driven Strategies and Analytics: Binta Boiro's Transformational Journey with ESSEC Online


Binta highlights her practical skill development, noting, "Thanks to case studies such as the 3rd assignment with the Fox Intelligence platform, I gained hands-on experience in analyzing data from Vinted transactions using Excel and visualizing insights on Power BI."

As a Marketing & BusinesDs evelopment Manager in the Food and Beverage industry, Binta Boiro reflects on her journey through the ESSEC Online  program; She stated, "The program has been instrumental in shaping my approach to data analytics in the dynamic landscape of the Food and Beverage sector." 

Skill Development:

Real-World Application:

Sharing a real-world application, Binta explains, "The 1st assignment on how Data Analytics and IA are disrupting the Food industry allowed me to showcase how food manufacturers formulate strategies based on data analysis. It's about understanding consumer behavior through data, including purchase history, preferences, social media interactions, and transaction values."

Value for Leadership:

Reflecting on the value of leadership, Binta emphasizes, "The training provided me with a solid foundation in understanding and interpreting data sets, facilitating more informed decision-making. It enabled me to identify trends, patterns, and potential opportunities within the data landscape. The practical exercises and case studies sharpened my strategic thinking in applying data to various business scenarios."

Online Learning Experience:

Discussing the online learning experience, Binta states, "The program's high-quality videos from professors, comprehensive support documents, and engaging interviews with real professional experts in data strategies were crucial. Case studies with clear expectations for assignment deliveries provided practical insights, and the opportunity to learn at my own pace was invaluable."

Summing up her experience, Binta concludes, "The Short Online Program “Leading with Data-Driven Strategies and Analytics” has been transformative, providing me with the tools necessary to lead effectively in today's data-driven business world."

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