MMD at ESSEC Asia-Pacific: an immersive multicultural experience

26-12-2019 / Vanessa Soria, MSc in Marketing Management and Digital Student Cohort 2019/2020
MMD at ESSEC Asia-Pacific: an immersive multicultural experience

Studying a master’s program is definitely a big step in anyone’s life, and for me it was indeed a life changing decision. Once I finished my undergrad program, the first goal I set my mind on was pursuing a master’s degree after getting some work experience. Then, as a passionate marketer who majored in Marketing and Communication and with real work exposure to this industry, I knew I wanted to follow this career path and enhance my marketing knowledge.

Since it was a truly important decision to make, I looked into many options – all of them amongst the best business schools around the world; however, I chose ESSEC. I was driven towards ESSEC not only because of the high-quality education it offers, but also because I wanted to immerse myself in a multicultural learning environment; hence, I chose ESSEC Asia-Pacific and I must say that I am enjoying every second of this experience.

Why is this program so unique?

My experience so far has been full of enriching moments. The course itself offers a wide variety of learning methodologies that go beyond the books and allow everyone to learn through experiences, projects and real-life cases. For example, we are all looking forward to our Shanghai study trip next March where we will visit notable companies within the Asian market.

What is more, even if luxury and digital marketing are the main tracks offered in the program, we have also been able to explore different educational approaches, such as the Business and Society Seminar where we had the amazing opportunity of visiting Project Dignity Social Kitchen. In this activity we shared with people facing different disabilities and learnt from its owner how to manage sustainable non-profit organizations.


At the same time, the program is integrated by an amazingly diverse group of students, which creates an environment for exchanging ideas, cultures and experiences. The 2019 MMD class encompasses 12 different nationalities from 3 continents around the world, which has helped me to enrich my cultural background. Additionally, so far, we have had teachers and facilitators coming from 6 different countries.


Why is Singapore the best option to live and study?

Singapore is such a vibrant city full of life, amazing urban planning, over-the-top skyscrapers, and extravagant lights; which make of it a visual fest. Nonetheless, Singapore is much more that only enjoyable landmarks, it is also a city that merges flawlessly the Asian and Western cultures, providing the perfect cultural experience. 

Also, it is one of the most developed countries in the region and in the world where most companies have established their regional hubs; then, it is easy to learn from many industries. And there are also many events around, such as the F1 which I was lucky to enjoy.

Finally, life is never boring in Singapore. With more than 5,000 restaurants and entertainment venues, it is easy to find something to match anyone’s taste. Moreover, since it is centrally located in Southeast Asia, it is easy to travel around the Asia-Pacific region. I have personally enjoyed visiting countries such as Japan, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, and I have much more on my list.



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