Paris Saint-Germain becomes a major partner of the ESSEC Sports Chair

Paris Saint-Germain becomes a major partner of the ESSEC Sports Chair

The ESSEC Sports Chair, launched in February, is proud to announce the arrival of a new strategic partner: Paris Saint-Germain, joining Allianz France, EDF, and the French Basketball Federation as a founding member.

ESSEC Business School has unique experience and expertise in the field of Sports Business, thanks to its International Sports Marketing Chair, which trained many former professional athletes between 2001 and 2015.

The ESSEC Sports Chair took over in February 2020, aiming to become a leading academic reference in the field of sport business. It will develop education, research, and management training by emphasizing the strong existing links with management and by providing professional education for future leaders in the sector.

Under the guidance of the courses offered by the Chair, directed by management professor Karoline Strauss and under the executive direction of Germain Terreaux (ESSEC 05), students will be prepared to become future managers familiar with the challenges of a rapidly changing sector and with the concept of sports as a means of leadership.

By joining forces with ESSEC, PSG confirms its commitment to the training and development of future leaders by developing the brightest talents from different geographical and social backgrounds. While it is an international sports franchise, the club remains rooted in its home, the Paris region. With the ESSEC Sports Chair, it intends to develop cutting-edge research and prepare for the future.

The two institutions also share a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion. ESSEC has shown its commitment to diversity and inclusion for many years now, notably with its Centre Egalité des Chances, which aims to promote a more inclusive, equitable and innovative society, rich in diverse talents: a society where each young adult finds their place.

“This partnership is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to strengthen the academic richness of the Chair in the service of its students and researchers”, says Karoline Strauss, Professor of the ESSEC Sports Chair.

"Paris Saint-Germain is a unique club that is at the forefront of international standards in the soccer sector," adds Victoriano Melero, General Secretary at Paris Saint-Germain. ESSEC is also one of the best business schools in the world. We are particularly proud to be involved in the ESSEC Sports Chair. We are driven by the same values ​​of excellence and commitment. Together, we will train leaders who will be inclusive, respectful, aspirational, and open, allowing new generations to stand out by being more creative and inventive”.

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