A strategic SiPearl - ESSEC partnership to catalyse Deeptech innovation


A few months after being named “Scale-Up of the Year” at ESSEC Founders Day 2023, SiPearl has marked a new turning point in its relationship with ESSEC Business School by formalising a strategic partnership focused on Deeptech.

SiPearl is developing the world's first low-power microprocessor, specially designed for high-performance computing and capable of working synergistically with any third-party accelerator, be it a GPU, artificial intelligence or even quantum technology.

In less than 4 years, SiPearl has succeeded in raising more than 110 million euros, and already employs 150 people in France and Europe, with the aim of doubling the number of new recruits within a year. This makes SiPearl one of the most significant success stories in the history of ESSEC.

Philippe Notton: The career of an ESSEC visionary...

SiPearl's dazzling success owes much to ESSEC MBA graduate Philippe Notton, whose rich career illustrates his passion for new technologies and innovation. He has navigated the multimedia, semi-conductor and security sectors, both within large leading companies and in the dynamic context of start-ups.

The culmination of this trajectory was reached in June 2019 when he made his entrepreneurial ambitions a reality with the creation of SiPearl. With the support of his colleagues, the ESSEC graduate played a decisive role in positioning the company as a major player in the field of quantum accelerators, reaffirming his commitment to technological innovation and European excellence.

Because meeting Europe's strategic challenges in medical research, the fight against climate change and energy management requires huge volumes of sensitive data to be processed in a fraction of a second, SiPearl is developing the high-performance, low-power and flawless security microprocessor that will be at the heart of Europe's supercomputers. Philippe Notton

SiPearl is committed to providing a leading European alternative to traditional international players, thereby strengthening Europe's technological sovereignty. This is of crucial significance in a field where political and societal issues are more important than ever.

Sipearl and ESSEC partnership: new synergies to boost the Deeptech ecosystem

Thanks to this partnership combining technological teaching and expertise, ESSEC and SiPearl are opening up new prospects in Deeptech.

As highlighted in the 2023 edition of the In Extenso Innovation Croissance fundraising barometer, in partnership with ESSEC, the ESSEC Entrepreneurship & Innovation centre and France Angels, this sector accounted for nearly a quarter of the amounts raised during the year.

Through their joint actions, the two entities are propelling the ambitions of the “Leading a Scale Up” Chair, directed by David Sluss, towards unexplored horizons.

This new Chair brings together experts from the academic and business worlds, with the aim of training talent capable of supporting the development of hyper-growth French and European companies. In the field of Deeptech, ESSEC plays a central role thanks to its student incubator, ESSEC Ventures, which supports nearly 180 start-ups every year, including around twenty in this sector. This initiative establishes crucial links between researchers and the entrepreneurial world, reinforcing ESSEC's commitment to supporting and developing innovative projects.

By joining forces, ESSEC and SiPearl are actively contributing to the emergence of disruptive innovations, reinforcing ESSEC's position as a key player in Deeptech entrepreneurship.

This objective is in line with the ambitions set out in its RISE strategy, particularly in its “Enlightening Entrepreneurship” pillar. In particular, this collaboration aims to unite and strengthen ESSEC's entrepreneurial ecosystem.