Learning Center

Learning Center

The Learning Center is ESSEC library. Its mission is to develop and provide resources and services geared towards faculty, students and lifelong training participants.

Located at the heart of Cergy campus, the Learning Center is a 2000 m² space on two levels offering more than 300 seats. It provides rooms for individual or team work and a direct access to more than 50,000 documents.

The Learning Center also includes the K-lab, an innovative space dedicated to Research and Pedagogy.
Leading a documentary policy definitively digital-oriented, the service offers more than 17,000 journals online, 50 databases, ebooks, thesis and dissertations with remote access for ESSEC community.

Providing Research and Pedagogy assistance, the Learning Center links together traditional library activities and new services such as digital tool support, learning content design and dissemination of Research.

A Learning Center is also present in Singapore, on ESSEC Asia Pacific campus, where it offers resources and services to students and faculty.

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