A network of 62,000 graduates working throughout the world at the service of the School

The Alumni community is another key element of the ESSEC eco-system – and a formidable catalyst for the promotion and collective development of the School.

The ESSEC Group Graduates’ Association (ADGE) has a mission to represent the 62,000 alumni from all the programmes established on every continent, to accompany them throughout their professional careers, inform them and unite the community on both personal and professional centres of interest. With graduates living and working on the five continents and a presence in more than 71 countries, ADGE’s initiatives today take place within a truly international framework.  

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ESSEC trains agile and open-minded managers who are able to anticipate the challenges of tomorrow. For companies looking to recruit new, talented individuals, ESSEC offers various tools which will help you identify interesting profiles as well as accompany you in the diploma authentication process.
The ESSEC Alumni directory, in a few clicks, the directory allows you to access the contact information of ESSEC alumni.

Two tools for verifying and authenticating ESSEC diplomas:

  • VerifDiploma: enables companies that wish to recruit ESSEC graduates to certify diplomas from the Global BBA, MSc in Management and Advanced Masters programs. This paid service works in close collaboration with ESSEC.

  • an innovative system using the Blockchain Bitcoin which allows companies to visualize an ESSEC diploma and to verify the authenticity of the subsequent ESSEC diplomas that it receives. This application, currently being tested on a sample of diplomas, is free.
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