About the RISE strategy

About the RISE strategy

True to the values of excellence and humanism which has driven ESSEC since its founding in 1907, ESSEC is now, more than ever, committed to infusing tomorrow’s leadership with meaning. To this end, our global school with French roots produces relevant knowledge and prepares women and men to creating and running companies and organizations that can have a positive impact on the world.

In order to achieve this ambition and inspire new forms of leadership, in 2020, ESSEC launched the RISE strategic plan, built on three pillars mobilizing the entire ESSEC community: 

  • The ecological and social transition, by transforming our training programs, research and life on our campuses.

  • AI technologies and data science, by integrating their impact on society, culture, and business into their learning.

  • Entrepreneurship and innovation, by training entrepreneurial leaders to reinvent new business models. 


Each of these pillars is tackled through a holistic approach so that ESSEC can become a true reference in how it shapes and positively influences the way we address the major challenges facing businesses, organizations and society.

ESSEC is committed to the three pillars: to offer an educational program that is continually re-examined in order to face up to major contemporary questions; to reinforce its positioning as a pioneering academic institution; and to provide the best experience to its entire community.

We are facing tremendous challenges, but we are ready to play our part as a higher education institution of excellence to “Enlighten, Lead and Change” our world, to create more value, and to make it more sustainable, inclusive and fair, in the service of the common good. 


Vincenzo Vinzi

ESSEC Business School Dean & President

Professor, information systems, decision sciences and statistics department