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A state-of-the art campus, connected and open to the world

Named ESSEC Africa, this new 6,000 m2 campus, ideally located on the site of the Plage des Nations in Sidi Bouknadel, at the heart of the Rabat-Salé-Kenitra urban area, is home to ESSEC's academic activities such as: undergraduate and master’s level studies, executive education and business incubators. Additionally, the campus is home to a great deal of research projects developed in partnership with École Centrale - established in Casablanca - and with high level Moroccan academic institutions such as the International University of Rabat.

The campus is fully in line with the economic development strategy of the Moroccan authorities for the Casablanca-Rabat-Kenitra axis, which will become the economic heart of the country in the next ten years.

The state-of-the-art campus benefits from the most innovative technologies intended to foster educational innovation and teamwork among students. It also offers two student residences; one for girls and one for boys. With this campus, ESSEC Africa offers its students and partners a secure working and living environment, conducive to study and the creation of knowledge.

The ESSEC Africa campus is ideally located on the Plage des Nations site in the heart of the the Rabat-Salé-Kénitra area. Ultra-modern, built to high standard of architectural design and luminous, the campus benefits from the latest innovative technologies to encourage educational innovation, teamwork and experience sharing between working professionals.

It also offers a video recording studio, a modular lecture hall, internet connection in every room, individual workrooms and a cafeteria. Located 25 minutes from Rabat and Kénitra, and only 1.5 hours from Casablanca, the ESSEC Africa campus integrates a reputable residential district and is only a few minutes’ walk from the beach and sports and cultural facilities. As such, it offers ideal conditions for organizing executive training programs, seminars, workshops or quality events.

With this campus, ESSEC Africa proposes participants a working environment adapted to their demands, highly conducive to work output and the creation of innovative learning methods.

The benefits of the campus

  • A campus with modular and internet-connected areas

  • ESSEC professors and external lecturers, experts in their field and ready-on-demand

  • Innovative teaching approaches:

    - participative experiential learning,
    - blended learning,
    - learning by doing/by coaching.
  • Readily available accommodation: student residences, apartment rental, hotels in Rabat or Kénitra

  • Sports and cultural facilities to enrich your learning experience:

    - PSG Football Academy,
    - Surfing school,
    - 9 and 18-hole golf course,
    - Belghazi Ethnographic Museum,
    - The beach and seafront stores.
  • Town centers of Rabat and Kénitra 25 minutes away; Casablanca an hour and ten minutes away

High quality services and conditions

  • Two university residences in the immediate vicinity of the main academic building. These residences offer single or double rooms that all have kitchens and living rooms. For the safety and security of the students, the residences are monitored day and night.
  • A free shuttle service is offered. The frequency of the service is adjusted based on the academic rhythm of the students (morning, noon and night). This service is also offered on weekends.
  • The route offers three stops: the Rabat central train station, the Salé train station and the ESSEC Africa campus. Count on average 25 minute ride to get from the campus to Rabat station.
  • A cafeteria managed by a professional catering company where a diverse, well-balanced offering of cuisines (Moroccan and international) is served daily. Entertainment / culinary themes also occur on a regular basis to create memorable moments.
  • A student residence with a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere is equipped with TVs, tables and sofas as well as billiard, foosball ping pong tables. It is open every day until midnight and also on weekends.
  • A K-lab and learning lab: located at the heart of the campus, much like on the Cergy campus, it is a place to produce and share knowledge an is open to the entire community including students, teachers, staff members and business partners. A space for creativity, sharing and learning, the K-lab will allow everyone to experience ESSEC’s expertise and also test, develop and model new ideas.
  • Physical and cultural activities integrated into the academic programs.
  • Partnerships with the principal establishments in Rabat and from the Plage des Nations (surf school, golf school, PSG Academy, Belghazi Museum etc.)

Plage des Nations, an area conducive to well-being and fulfillment.

Located between Rabat and Kenitra, the site covers 300 hectares and offers high-quality residential service.

With its 3.5 km of beach, the site offers a unique view of the ocean. It is enhanced by an offer of services and activities that meet the needs of residents, summer residents and students alike: a 9-hole and 18-hole golf course, a PSG Academy, a beach club, restaurants and a surf school to name a few.

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