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Master in Management

Master in Management

Entrepreneurship at the heart of the ESSEC Africa campus

The ESSEC Africa campus also welcomes students from the Grande École programme (MiM) in an intercampus mobility as part of two tracks that focus on entrepreneurship and business practices in Africa; “Entreprendre en Afrique” and “Global Management in Africa”.

Entreprendre en Afrique (EEA)

This 6-month French track offers the opportunity for students of the Grande Ecole to understand the issues at stake in the African economy and make a concrete commitment to an entrepreneurial project in Africa.

Entreprendre en Afrique program is a multidisciplinary program, built in partnership with Ecole Centrale Casablanca. It combines theory and field missions in Morocco and sub-Saharan Africa. It is a program focused on entrepreneurship and innovation related to the major development issues of the African continent.

The objective of this program is to provide students with the opportunity:

  • To acquire the best business and socio-cultural practices for Africa,
  • To exchange, share and work with engineering students to perfect their methods and broaden their knowledge,
  • To confront them with the realities of the African market.

Characteristics of the program

  • A solid academic partnership with the Centrale Casablanca engineering school,
  • 6 months of immersion in Africa including 2 learning expeditions,
  • Interventions led by expert professors and professionals,
  • A unique experience to discover new cultures and become aware of the entrepreneurial opportunities of the continent.

Content for self-improvement

The course goes in two stages:

  • Academic trimester, where students take one term of classes.
    Here is the list of courses:
    • Making a business plan in Africa
    • Sustainable development
    • Innovation management
    • Management of international affairs
    • African geopolitics
    • African economies
    • Operations Management
    • Energy projects in Africa
    • Introduction to the Arab-Muslim world
    • Dialectal Arabic
  • Field trimestre, where students work in groups on a business creation or an entrepreneurship project. The projects are based in Morocco or sub-Saharan Africa and take place in three stages: preparation and framing time, immersion time in the field and a defense time. To conclude the semester, students spend the last three weeks on a Learning Expedition in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Information and contacts :
Download the brochure
Chantal Defaix
Student mobility office


Global Management in Africa (GMA)

This English track is designed for students from the Grande École and partner schools who want to understand the challenges and specificities of doing business in Africa. For two months and a half, students will attend classes and visit companies and associations that will help them understand the various aspects of African management and business practices.


  • Strategy and Management
  • Management of Operations in Africa
  • African geopolitics
  • Entrepreneurship in Africa
  • Negotiation
  • African Economy
  • Introduction to Moroccan Arabic*
  • Introduction to Arab-Muslim culture and society*

* These courses do not grant any UV/credit, but are mandatory.

GMA students also take part in an integration trek organized each semester to discover the Moroccan landscapes (Atlas, Atlantic coast, desert...) as well as a Learning expedition in a Moroccan city to discover the country and its economic context.
Finally, students will spend 10 days in sub-Saharan Africa where they will meet local actors of the economic, social and/or cultural sector. (Optional trip).

Information and contacts :
Download the brochure
Cécile Bruneau
Student mobility office

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