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Moving beyond the department/field logic, at ESSEC we are fully aware of the necessity to develop research across disciplinary frontiers. Indeed, in understanding complex social and business issues, cross perspectives may allow us to provide the relevant answer. This is the role of our research centers and centers promoted by ESSEC.

Center of Research in Economics, Finance & Actuarial Sciences on Risk (CREAR)

CREAR is a self-standing organization operating within the ESSEC Research Center. Its purpose is to foster research in the field of quantitative analysis on financial and insurance risks. In the context of the new risk based regulation (Solvency 2, Pillar 1 and ORSA, Swiss Solvency Test, Risk Based Capital from NAIC), it is focused on (re)insurances and bank-insurances. It is a structured dynamics in the field of risk analysis, which facilitates the exchanges between professionals and academics, may generate possible collaborations on identified problems and conducts research in these areas. With the support of the Bank-Finance-Insurance Group of the French Society of Statistics, and the support of the French Institute of Actuaries (IA), it plans to establish productive links with similar international research laboratories and companies. Visit the CREAR website for more information about seminars and publications.
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European Center for Law and Economics

The European Center for Law and Economics is a center for excellence where the work and activities of both disciplines meet, within a comparative European and global perspective. There is a growing awareness of the interaction between judicial systems on one hand, and a company’s performance within their legal regulation systems. Judicial risk and the overall legal environment culture are considerations that are increasingly strategic at the highest level of decision-making in companies; the legal management team is frequently part of the company’s strategy committee.
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Energy and Commodity Finance - Research center (ECOMFIN)

The Energy and Commodity Finance at ESSEC Business School aims at promoting research and disseminating knowledge in the field of commodity markets and energy finance. This goal is pursued by undertaking research projects and hosting activities for incentivizing interaction across disciplines including finance, economics, financial mathematics, operations research, and management science. Focus is put on bridging international collaborations among researchers at a worldwide level. The center organizes scientific conferences, runs a monthly webinar, supervises a dedicated graduate track, and manages Argo Review, a journal devoted on cutting-edge knowledge in the field.
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CONcertation, Négociation, Environnement, Conception et Territoires (CONNECT)

Concertation is becoming a major stake in decision processes in the development and environment field. It is a practice which is developing in France and many other countries in reply to both the conflictual nature of development projects, socio-technical controversies controversies, and the wider public questioning of experts and authorities. The CONNECT center has given itself an objective of shedding light on the input and limits of these systems of concertation via the conducting of transdisciplinary research based on challenges designed by the center’s researchers and their partners.
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In 2009, ESSEC entered a research agreement with Cergy-Pontoise University (UCP) and the CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research) THEMA, one of the principal research centers in applied microeconomics in France. Research within the THEMA research laboratory has mainly focused on economic policy issues involving international microeconomics and macroeconomics. The research synergies between ESSEC economists and the THEMA research lab have since gained substantial momentum.
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