Information systems, decision sciences and statistics department


Information systems, decision sciences and statistics

Our department combines expertise in information systems and decision sciences. From modeling to data analysis, we aim for excellence in research, teaching and business consulting. 

The department's expertise focuses on the quantitative and qualitative modeling, management and analysis of data. The department is made up of two complementary divisions:

- Information Systems (IS), which deals with the modeling, development and management of information. In addition to being a business unit in its own right, Information Systems support processes, communication, collaborative work and decision-making in every company.

- Decision sciences and statistics, which deal with the modeling, analysis and interpretation of data specifically for decision-making. Depending on whether or not uncertainty is modeled, the methods and models designed and used are said to be stochastic (statistics, econometrics and forecasting) or deterministic (operational research, decision support, optimization and data mining).

Within ESSEC Business School, the department has three objectives:

  • To contribute to basic and applied academic research according to the highest international standards;

  • To participate in the dissemination of knowledge among students in full-time education (BA, MA and PhD students), as well as professionals in continuing education;

  • To study concrete decision-making problems and provide guidance for companies and practitioners.


Research is an essential activity of the department, ensuring the dissemination of the latest theoretical advances to students in initial and continuing education, as well as through consulting studies.

The department hosts numerous seminars and conferences, where the latest research is presented and discussed.

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Le département gère deux programmes de niveau master et propose plusieurs parcours et chaires dans le master in management (Programme Grande École).

  • ESSEC|CentraleSupelec BSc in AI, Data and Management Sciences
  • ESSEC|CentraleSupelec Master in Data Sciences and Business Analytics
  • Master Spécialisé Management des Systèmes d’Information en Réseaux
  • PhD Program with concentrations in "Data Analytics", “Digitalization and Information Systems”, and “Operations Management/ Operations Research"
  • Risk & Actuarial Track
  • Business Analytics Methods Track
  • Digital Transformation and Digital Business Track
  • ESSEC-Centrale Supélec dual degree
  • ESSEC-ENSAE dual degree

Meet the entire department’s faculty:

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