Operations management department


Operations management

ESSEC’s Operations Management Department stands out for its high-quality research in operations management, service management and innovation. It hosts seminars showcasing the work of acclaimed experts in operations management and operations research.

ESSEC Business School develops quality research in the fields of operations management, service management and innovation.

In the field of supply chain, the research activities of the Operations Management department focus on defining strategies and coordination mechanisms across the economic, informational, operational and environmental dimensions.

The department addresses other important research issues including:

  • the design of effective production and physical distribution strategies,

  • optimal capacity planning, organization of global logistics, optimal purchasing and inventory management,

  • innovation management and service management.

Within the framework of the Operations Management and Operations Research (OMOR) cluster, the department holds seminars during which leading experts present their research in the field of operations management and operations research.

The Operations Management department is active in the following areas:

  • supply chain and logistics management,

  • quality and production management,

  • purchasing management,

  • development of new production and service planning.


The department's faculty members teach in all the initial training programs as well as in the ESSEC Executive Education programs.

The department manages three tracks:


Meet the entire faculty of the Operations Management department:

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