Student organizations

Student organizations

Community life is a source of personal and professional fulfillment. It develops a sense of responsibility and an entrepreneurial mindset. No wonder it is an essential part of ESSEC Business School!

With more than 100 student organizations covering subjects such as international affairs, art, sports and civic engagement, ESSEC encourages students to get involved in at least one organization. Whether you want to make new friends, create, share and spread ideas, discover new hobbies, or simply have fun, this is the best way to keep the ESSEC Business School community alive and kicking!

Les Mardis de l’ESSEC, debates on the latest current affairs issues

The first ever student debating platform in France, Les Mardis de l'ESSEC (ESSEC Tuesdays) has been organizing debates open to all since 1961 with leading political, economic and cultural figures who make the news in France and internationally. More than 920 debates have been organized with politicians and ministers such as Valéry Giscard d'Estaing, François Mitterrand and Edouard Philippe; business leaders such as Pierre-André de Chalendar and Nicolas Hieronimus; artists such as Salvador Dali; sportsmen and women such as Jean Galfione and Philippe Croizon; journalists, writers,, among many others.


Gender Equality Days, celebrating gender equality and rights for all

Every year for a week around March 8th (International Women's Rights Day), the students of ESSEC's HeforShe association organize workshops, conferences and initiatives to enable the entire ESSEC community to take action for women's rights and celebrate gender equality and the rights of all. In 2022, the society also made a commitment to the M.A.Y society, which fights against menstrual insecurity.


The ESSEC Champions Cup, the European student sports tournament

For four or five days, the ESSEC Business School Sports Office (BDS) organizes the ESSEC Champions Cup (E2C), formerly known as the Five Ball Tournament (T5B). This student tournament brings together French and international athletes to compete in five of the most popular team sports: soccer, basketball, handball, volleyball and rugby.

High-level matches take place throughout the week, with some participants playing for professional clubs or even the national team in their country!


The ESSEC EY Raid, two intense days devoted to a major sporting event

The ESSEC EY Raid is a 100% outdoor sports event that consists of several races carried out in teams of two (mountain biking, running, run & bike, orienteering). Held over two days and based around two different courses (the Raidvigorant and the Raidoutable), the ESSEC Raid highlights the four unifying elements of this event: the democratization of a discipline, the opportunity to participate in a sporting and entertaining event based on the values conveyed by the raid, the strengthening of ESSEC's presence in the Val d'Oise region and the development of an inclusive policy for the disabled.

raid essec 1

The ESSEC Night Run, a unique nocturnal race

Every year in February, the ESSEC Night Run is held in and around Cergy. The idea is straightforward: a race in a sporting yet festive atmosphere with distances suited to all (8 or 15km). The ESSEC Night Run is intended to welcome and bring together everyone, from experienced athletes to amateurs. Organized by the Raid ESSEC student organization, this event is part of a series of meet-ups around the trail that the society organizes every year.

Essec night run 2

"Les Pièces Montées", a thrilling and full-on theater festival.

In June each year, the Comedia dell ESSEC student society organizes "Les Pièces Montées", a festival held in a Parisian theater. During one week, each of the society's five or six companies performs in front of an audience of regular spectators, theater lovers, and the actors' friends and family, in the hope of winning the hearts of a panel of distinguished judges. At the end of the week, the jury awards prizes for Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress, Best Director, Best Play and the Jury's Choice Award. A date not to be missed!


PlaidESSEC's Debating Competition

Every year since it was founded, PlaidESSEC has organized its debating competition among ESSEC students. ​ After qualifying, candidates compete for access to the quarter-finals and then the semi-finals, earning the right to debate in the final, in ESSEC's Grand Amphitheater, in front of 500 spectators and a prestigious jury.


La Nuit de l’ESSEC, an electronic music festival on the campus

A not-to-be-missed student nightlife event (5,000-6,000 people), the Nuit de l’ESSEC (ESSEC Night) stands out each year for the quality of its programming, its diversity, and the unique venue that hosts it: the school's campus in Cergy. The place turns into a giant pulsating dancefloor, with several stages showcasing an eclectic lineup of artists.


The Trophée des Rois, international rowing competition in Versailles

For the past 28 years, the ESSEC Rowing Club has organized the Trophée des Rois (Kings' Trophy) at the end of May/ beginning of June, a rowing competition held on the Grand Canal of the Château de Versailles during which the best French (HEC, ESCP, Centrale, X, etc.) and European (RWTH, University of Geneva) business schools compete against each other, wrapping up the year's sporting season.


ESSEC's very own musical extravaganza

Move over Broadway! ESSEC's Musical student organization has been putting on its own semi-professional show every year for over 20 years. The sets, the scripts, the musical composition, the choreography, each year a new show is designed and performed in a renowned Parisian venue (Folies Bergère, Casino de Paris, Olympia, Cigale).


ESSEC's first student office was founded in 1932 and is now made up of a team of about forty students in different departments. They facilitate and coordinate student life at ESSEC. Their mission: to ensure that each student feels part of the community and to enable each organization to carry out its own projects.

Today, ESSEC has three additional student offices that share and coordinate the various programs' activities:

ESSEC Global BBA BDE, IMHI BDE , Master in Management BDE, Advanced Masters BDE.


In keeping with the values promoted by the school, students are involved in a range of civic and social initiatives. Every year, a dozen student organizations work to promote social issues such as diversity and equal opportunity.



A dozen ESSEC organizations propose creativity-based activities. The aim is to offer everyone the opportunity to explore and be creative in a wide variety of disciplines such as fashion, music, photography, etc.

Association Vidéo ESSEC (AVE), Comedia dell’ESSEC, ESSEC Live, JAM ESSEC, Le Journal Des Étudiants ESSEC (JDE), Karaokings, Label Sauce, MOD’ESSEC, Musical, Noir Sur Blanc, OSE (Orchestre symphonique des étudiants), Rêve FM, ESSEC RMX


ESSEC's community life would not be complete without organizations focused on the arts and culture. They are very active and enable you to explore many different passions and new horizons. 

BDA (Bureau des Arts), Berliner Ground, Cine Qua Non, ECTAR, Elyxir, Le dernier Métro, ESSEC & BAB, ESSEC Moi L’Histoire, ESSEC STUDENT MEDIA, Les Mardis de l’ESSEC, , Pélessec, Plaidessec, Sea ESSEC&Sun, Le Shamrock, Le Dernier Métro, Solex’ec


Getting involved in a meaningful project, volunteering your time to help others, investing in a worthwhile cause - these are the types of actions that are at the heart of ESSEC's humanitarian organizations. Over a dozen of them are involved, at some level, in a cause that they feel strongly about.

Cheer Up!, Défi Plaquettes, DELTA, ESSEC Développement International, Initiatives Enfance

Solidarité (IES), ESSEC Maroaders, Mission Potosi, SARI, S’Cool and Co, Tuong Lai


In addition to the various activities offered by the different organizations, a small number of them specialize in setting up informal events involving games, cooking and many other leisure activities. The goal: to simply have a good time together!

BDJ (Bureau des Jeux), Cartouche & Hameçon, Chez Maurice, Foy’s, Le Pool


With a strong international focus, ESSEC has several multicultural student organizations that showcase the richness of a country or region's culture through events held year-round. ESSEC AFRICA SOCIETY, ESSEC Chine, ESSEC Korea, ESSEC España, ESSEC GERMAN ASSOCIATION, ESSEC Israël, ESSEC Italia, ESSEC India, ESSEC Japon, ESSEC MAROC, , ESSEC North America, ESSEC Russia, MELT, Polo Marco


Around ten student organizations offer professional guidance to companies on a given area of expertise. This can range from graphic design to consulting, market research, etc. It is an opportunity to gain a foothold in the professional world and to put into practice, within the school, a certain number of the lessons learned!

180 degree consulting, BBA ESSEC AND CO’M, Data Oriented Thinking ESSEC-CentraleSupélec (DOT),ESSEC Solutions Entreprises, ESSEC Consulting Club, ESSEC Initiatives, Essec Junior développement, ESSEC Marketing Club, ESSEC Transaction, ESSEC Life Sciences, IMHI Traiteur, Junior ESSEC Conseil, Junior IMHI Hospitality Consulting, Kryptosphere, Lex ESSEC, PAO Bang, , Stratngo, ESSEC Junior Développement


Sport is an integral part of ESSEC's student life. A wide range of sporting activities is available to students and provides them with the opportunity to participate in rowing, skiing, rugby as well as many other events and competitions.

BDS (Sports Office), ESSEC Basketball Club, , Club Aviron, Extrêm’ESSEC, ESSEC Dance Crew, ESSEC Cavaliers, ESSEC Cheerleading, ESSEC Golf Club, ESSEC Rugby Team, ESSEC Voile, Flying Club, ESSEC Ultra, Plong’ESSEC, Race ESSEC, Raid ESSEC, Sabl’Essec, Ski Club