Leading with diversity

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  • Duration

    3 days

  • Intake Date

    September 2024

  • Location

    CNIT La Défense campus

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    7 hours per day during 5 days

Businesses worldwide are awakening to the urgency of redressing historical imbalances, realizing the profound need to diversify not just their workforce but also their market strategies. Governments are actively enforcing diversity quotas, guiding organizations through complex regulatory landscapes.Yet, despite this heightened awareness, the journey towards impactful DEI can be unclear for many. The key? Leaders must grasp the essential elements for successful DEI strategies, starting with their own convictions.

This program empowers leaders to seamlessly weave Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion into their leadership narrative, creating inclusive strategies and making informed decisions.

Your journey to an impactful leadership begins here!

  • Crafting Business Cases : Learn to create persuasive cases for DEI integration, ensuring practical implementation 

  • Management Commitment  : Emphasizes top management's crucial role, aligning leadership for effective DEI success. 

  • Practical DEI application  : Gain insights for practically integrating DEI concepts into leadership roles through personal experiences. 

  • Tailored Strategies : Guide participants in customizing DEI strategies to diverse organizational levels for effective implementation. 

Leadership Empowerment

Emphasis on key DEI strategies, empowering leaders to integrate diversity naturally, fostering inclusive decision-making.


Immediate Impact

By applying learned concepts, addressing challenges, and crafting concrete DEI strategies. 


Learning and networking

Immersive learning, in-depth case studies, and dynamic discussions, providing practical insights and valuable networking opportunities.


Follow-up Support

Includes a post-program online meeting, showcasing commitment to ongoing support and problem-solving.

Junko Takagi

Professor of Management 

Junko Takagi is a professor at ESSEC Management, and is in charge of all team building, leadership and group dynamics activities. She holds a PhD from Stanford University and her research focuses on diversity, its profound meaning and the implications of its different senses in France and the Anglo-Saxon countries.

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