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Strategy and leadership: challenge and redefine the way you do business

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    3 days

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    13th,14th, 15th June 2024

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    Paris (La Défense)

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    7 hours per day during 3 days

Do you feel confident about your management strategies? Get ready to be surprised! 80% of executives believe their companies are managed perfectly, but the reality is different. Only 5% of businesses truly excel in essential management techniques, while most remain trapped in misconceptions. 

Presenting "Leading Change", a thought-provoking program led by Prof. Jérôme Barthélemy. This eye-opening course challenges common myths and beliefs about management. Whether you're an experienced leader or an aspiring manager, this program provides valuable knowledge to enhance your performance and unleash your true potential. Challenge the norms and embrace a new era of management excellence!

  • Challenge Conventional Beliefs: Embrace a more agile and profitable management approach, irrespective of your business size. 

  • Boost Team and Company Performance: Learn innovative practices to enhance your team’s performance and drive success. 

  • Gain Fresh Perspectives : Explore cutting-edge insights for informed decision-making and positive workplace impact.


Evidence-backed insights

Explore reliable management strategies through real-world examples, driving impactful organizational changes.


Interactive learning

Engage in dynamic peer discussions, challenge norms, and cultivate critical thinking to foster an innovative leadership approach.


Personalized transformation

Receive individualized guidance from experienced coaches, translating program insights into practical actions


This program is open to individuals with strong experience in leadership, who are eager to drive change and transformation within their companies. Participants should have a solid background in leadership roles to make the most of this transformative journey.

Jérôme BarthélemyJérôme Barthélemy
Jérôme Barthélémy

Professor of Strategy

Jérôme Barthélemy is Executive VP, Dean for Post Experience Programs, Corporate Programs and Relations and Professor of strategy and management at ESSEC Business School. He graduated from ESSEC and holds a PhD in Management Sciences from HEC. His research has appeared in top academic journals.

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