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"So many ways to be wrong about the future of AI, but it'll outsmart us in the end"
by Fabrice Cavarretta, 17.09.20
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"Online Travel: Can Anyone Challenge the Supremacy of Booking and Expedia?"
by Peter O'Connor, 03.06.20
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"Agile software development teams during and after Covid-19"
by Thomas Kude, 15.05.20
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"(Re)thinking innovation and the innovator through philosophy"
by Xavier Pavie, 06.05.20
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"Google Photos: What happens to innovation when a giant enters the room?"
by Thomas Kude, 28.02.20
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"Selling in the digital age: How personalized sales tactics can be automated online"
by Richard McFarland, 17.12.19
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ESSEC Knowledge Review: Entrepreneurship
by Editor ESSEC Knowledge, 29.05.19
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ESSEC Knowledge Review: Sustainability
by Editor ESSEC Knowledge, 04.03.19
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"If you think you "get intrapreneurship"... think again!"
by Fabrice Cavarretta, 03.09.19
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