Entrepreneurship and innovation

It has become essential to reinvent new economic models in an uncertain context and in the face of conflicting demands. This is why ESSEC Business School has placed Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the heart of its strategy with a clear ambition: ensure every ESSEC graduate sees uncertainty as a call to action.

Since being founded, ESSEC has always cultivated a spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation. It is the central point around which pedagogy, research and managerial practices are organized. At ESSEC, we believe that everyone can be an entrepreneur, and that entrepreneurial experiences encourage a capacity to find solutions to tomorrow's problems and to adapt to the changes and challenges we face together.

With its commitment to serving society and the common good, ESSEC Business School is dedicated to giving meaning to tomorrow's leaders, to preparing women and men to become entrepreneurs, and to responding to the economic, environmental and social challenges that are shaping our society. With this in mind, we create and disseminate innovative and relevant knowledge to develop the skills, know-how and interpersonal skills for future generations. We aspire to train leaders and entrepreneurs concerned with the public interest, and who are committed to the environment and inclusion.


ESSEC provides its various participants a unique educational experience that will guide them throughout their life as an entrepreneur.

Over the past 10 years, we have built a unique entrepreneurial ecosystem at our Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation. Specific programs have been designed to offer students and continuing education participants guidance at each stage of a company's development, from the conception to the implementation of the project, and from its incubation to its scaling up. The Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation also allows entrepreneurs from outside ESSEC to benefit from its services, with the objective of creating and growing companies in a wide variety of fields such as social entrepreneurship and media.

With a view to promoting entrepreneurship and innovation, ESSEC relies on a number of partnerships, such as the MS CENTRALE-ESSEC Entrepreneurs program, which capitalizes on the dual expertise of ESSEC and CentraleSupélec.

As a world school with French roots, ESSEC is also positioned as a key player in the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystems in Morocco and Singapore through the influence of our two international campuses and our alumni networks in these two regions.

At ESSEC, investing in entrepreneurship and innovation is part of our DNA. Each year, across all of the school's campuses, we provide support for approximately 400 entrepreneurial projects through our ecosystem of incubators and programs.