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Accounting & management control

ESSEC Business School’s Accounting and Control Management Department, through its research, teaching and consulting activities, shapes best practices for assessing organizational activity and performance, thereby fostering the advancement of professionals within the field.

Within ESSEC, our department aims to create knowledge through innovative, high-quality, interdisciplinary research that addresses the many societal and environmental challenges of the world today. The research we produce is characterized by a high degree of engagement with its end-users in the public, private and non-profit sectors.

The professors of the department also have editorial responsibilities, serving on the editorial boards of many international academic journals.

Many of their research papers have been published in journals such as: Academy of Management Journal; Accounting, Organizations & Society; Organization Science; Contemporary Accounting Research; Management Accounting Research, etc.

The research seminars organized by the ESSEC Accounting and Management Control Department attract renowned scholars from Europe, North America, Asia and elsewhere. In addition to regular research seminars, each year, the department welcomes a distinguished guest. Over several days, they meet with faculty members and lead workshops and conferences.

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Our Department offers students an introduction to Accounting and Management Control methods. It equips students with the keys for understanding how to implement these methods in a variety of contexts – strategic decision making and financial management or communication – and diverse environments – large and small companies, start-ups in the private, public and non-profit sectors.

The Accounting and Management Control Department also offers interdisciplinary courses that provide an overview of the organizational and behavioral dimension of management tools. These courses also cover human resources management, organizational change, CSR/ SRI and ERPs.

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The Accounting and Management Control specializations welcome PhD candidates interested in qualitative, quantitative and experimental research. Our PhD program is an intensive program designed to attract outstanding students who are passionate about research that has societal impact.

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