Contract research projects

Contract research projects

Scientific research at ESSEC Business School is developed around a multidisciplinary laboratory (CERESSEC) and several centers of expertise.

The research activity is organized into three thematic hubs resulting from the RISE Strategy (sustainable development, artificial intelligence, entrepreneurship) and in the following fields: social sciences and humanities, management, data science, information systems, statistics, economics, finance, law, marketing, and public policy.

Researchers work on crucial societal issues, and thus participate in advancing scientific debates and informing political decision-makers. They provide concrete solutions for addressing contemporary societal challenges. One of our key priorities is sharing knowledge. In addition to open access articles, ESSEC Knowledge, and press coverage, we organize scientific events that can be attended by any interested parties. Recent projects have explored:  health, the future of work, gender equality, artificial intelligence, mobility, logistics, green finance, the circular economy, energy efficiency, and mathematical tools, to name but a few. 

Researchers benefit from a large internal network of professionals who:

  • Share information on external funding opportunities for research projects

  • Provide support with national and international grant applications (pre-award)

  • Manage research resources like human resources and funding (post-award)

Viviane de BEAUFORT (Public & Private Policy) - Gouvernance Europe, JEAN MONNET CHAIR (2023-2026) 

Guillaume LECUÉ (IDS)  GRAPH4HEALTH,  ANR PRCE (2023-2026)

Pooyan KHASHABI (Management) - RGVWE: The Role of Gender in Virtual Work Environment (Marie Sklodowska-Curie Action 2022, Horizon Europe). More information on the project here.

Elise GOURIER (Finance) - GreenLies : Does Greenwashing Affect Asset Prices and Portfolios? (Jeune chercheuse - Jeune chercheur, ANR  2022). More information on the project here.

Fulbright Grant has been awarded in 2022 to Professor Erica L. Steckler, Co-Director of Donahue Center for Business Ethics & Social Responsibility, Associate Professor, Department of Management, Manning School of Business, University of Massachusetts Lowell, invited by Anne-Claire Pache. 

For more information.

Adrian ZICARI (Accounting & Management Control) - "Relational Economics Conference" (Université Franco Allemande, scientific event).

Karine LAMIRAUD (Economics) and Guillaume CHEVILLON (IDS) – LYSAIRI, Lymphocyte sparing AI-guided radio-immunotherapy (RHU 2021, ANR). The project is coordinated by Gustave Roussy Cancer Center. Read more here.

Marie KERVEILLANT - "The adaptation and resilience of medical crisis management following the COVID-19 health crisis". Chair of research in Social Sciences & Humanities funded by the Région Île-de-France (2022-2024). Read more here

Xavier LAMBIN (Economics) - BlaBlaModes (2021-2025). The company BlaBlaCar is the coordinator of the project funded by ADEME (French Agency for the Ecological Transition). Read more here.

Artashes KARAPETYAN (Finance), with prof. Diane Pierret and prof. Roberto Steri (University of Luxembourg), GREENFINHOME - Sustainable intermediation in credit and housing markets (PRCI, ANR 2021). Read more here.

Marie-Léandre GOMEZ (Accounting & Management Control) – COMEXT, Coordination of Medical and Non-Medical Teams in Extreme Conditions (PRC, ANR 2021). The partners are Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris and Sorbonne Université. Read more here.

Jocelyn MARTEL (Finance) - PLADIFES Project "Platform of numerical computation, artificial intelligence and international database of high frequency environmental, financial and social data" (ANR EQUIPEX + 2020). The main partner is the CNRS. Read more here.

Ivana LJUBIC, Claudia ARCHETTI, Laurent ALFANDARI (CY Initiative 2020 PIA) – SISCO,  Sustainable Smart City Operations

Andras FULOP, Jeremy HENG (CY Initiative 2020 PIA) – SMCECON, Sequential Monte Carlo Methods in Economics and Finance

Laurent BACH (CY Initiative 2020 PIA) – ENTRECAP, Human After All? The Labor Share of Entrepreneurial Capital

Giuseppe BERLINGIERI (CY Initiative 2020 PIA) – MODListory, Merchants and the Organization of Long-Distance Trade in the Republic of Genoa (1528-1684)

Guillaume CHEVILLON (CY Initiative 2021 PIA) - Doubt shocks & economic fluctuations

Marie KRATZ (CY Initiative 2021 PIA) – HALE, Health and Aging in view of LifE modeling

Reetika GUPTA (CY Initiative 2022 PIA)  – SCANIBRT, Shaping the Consumer-Centricity & Acceptance of Next-Generation Immersive-AI based Retail Technologies

Andrea RONCORONI (CY Initiative 2022 PIA)  – ORI Operations Revenue Insurance

Ioana LUPU (CY Initiative 2022 PIA) – AlgoCon, New forms of organizational control

Olga KLOPP (CY Initiative of Excellence 2023, Emergence Programme) - BESCHAP - Towards better supply chain predictions

Geneviève HELLERINGER & Marco CORRADI (CY Initiative of Excellence 2023, Horizon Programme)  - VContracting - Venture Capital Contracting in the US compared to France, Germany and Italy 

Professor Dongsoo SHIN (CY Initiative of Excellence 2023, Fellows in Residence Programme), Leavey School of Business, Santa Clara University (USA).