Environmental commitment

Environmental commitment

The foundation of ESSEC Business School's mission is to prepare you to become the inclusive and responsible leaders of tomorrow, fully capable of driving the transformation of the organizations you will join.

In 2020, we launched Together, our ecological and social transition strategy, aimed at profoundly transforming the school's training programs, research, life on campus and governance. Our goal is this: to address the root causes of these challenges.

Acting for the climate and the environment with ESSEC means:

electives on ecological and social transition issues
research and teaching Chairs
100 %
of students trained in environmental issues

Getting involved in community life

  • Participate in events related to the ecological transition organized by the school's various student organizations.

  • Join student organizations involved in environmental issues: e.g. NOISE (New Observatory of Social and Environmental Innovation) or the ESSEC transition collective. Find out more about student organizations

  • Help make the student organizations you join "greener".

  • Become a CSR manager for a student organization. At ESSEC, the involvement of students on the boards of student organizations, including CSR managers, is recognized as professional experience.


Getting involved in ESSEC's community

  • Join the COCON, the advisory committee of the Together approach. This committee is made up of 20 elected members (professors, students, staff representatives, alumni and representatives of ESSEC campuses) and its mission is to provide opinions and recommendations on the various action plans of the Together ecological and social transformation approach. The COCON also oversees the allocation of the "Together Impact Fund", a specific fund for financing projects developed by members of the ESSEC community and whose purpose is to contribute to the acceleration of the school's transition.

  • Propose initiatives that can be funded by the Together Impact Fund, Examples The screening of Cyril Dion's film Animal for the benefit of the ESSEC community and local residents.

  • Complete a one-time paid assignment with the Together team on ESSEC's ecological transition approach.

  • Work with us to make our campuses ever more sustainable, thanks to the exemplary actions of each and every one of us (recycling, eco-friendly practices...).


"As a student at ESSEC since 2019, I'm proud to be part of an institution that is actively committed to the ecological and social transition. Since my arrival, I've seen a real change in the teaching and life of the school. Initiatives such as the development of new chairs, the "rentrée climat" and the creation of the diversity mural show that ESSEC is training students who are aware of the crucial issues at stake. Although challenges remain, such as student mobility and the evolution of core courses, the school's commitment at all levels points to a promising future in its transition."

Marie Messager

Master in Management student, Talents of Ecological Transition Chair (2022); Social Innovation Chair (2023); member of COCON.