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21st Century Managerial Skills

What managerial skills for the 21st century?

Through the new certified course entitled "Management Skills for the 21st Century", ESSEC-Africa offers to carry out a precise and operational examination of the skills that will make, tomorrow if not now, the difference in the practice of managerial exercise within companies concerned with competitiveness and performance.

The course is based on the identification of emerging skills with decisive effects. The essential “Emerging Skills” consist of Cooperation, Collaboration, Critical Thinking but also Creativity, Innovation, and Motivational Leadership.

It is built on a sharp approach that will not be limited to reviewing the skills mentioned but to engage managers on the path to their appropriation and their effective implementation.

Backed by a close partnership with the Global Publisher Pearson TalentLens, ESSEC-Africa will support its training approach by making use of highly predictive psychometric tools. The course of the educational program will be based on the principle of co-construction with the learners.

Thus, the course "21st Century Managerial Skills" aims in a very concrete way, to assess the specific qualities of Managers with regard to said key skills and identify them with their employees in order to confirm their talents.

Additionally, this course is given through educational workshops, simulations, and other educational processes to set the conditions for defining and carrying out real development plans for these same skills both personally, and within teams.

Managers today are challenged to possess and master these distinctive skills. The ESSEC-Africa course is naturally part of an avant-garde perspective allowing managers and highly competent profiles in the company to acquire the new skills of the 21st century.


Change Management

In a constantly changing environment, companies must adapt quickly, reinvent themselves, and innovate to maintain their competitiveness and constant development.
Faced with the resistance that may arise, change management becomes a key skill aimed at:

  • Organizing and structuring the conduct of projects at the heart of these developments
  • Accompanying and supporting its employees during transitions

In this context, you are offered professionalization programs in "Change Management" addressed to the leaders of your organization, confronted with the challenges of change in all its aspects, from digital change projects to support for organizational and cultural transformation to the evolution of practices and behaviors.


Coaching, Leadership & Change

Our ambition in this “Leadership & Change Coaching” program is to enable you to better understand, act and interact in complex environments and situations of change that today characterize the daily life of our companies.

This Advanced Certificate aims to develop your ability to confidently support the human transformations of organizations and the development of people within the company.

It aims to professionalize your practices and skills (technical and behavioral), in addition to the coaching process of individuals. Through this program, you will be able to acquire creative and authentic methods of people development, particularly, the systemic approach inspired by Palo ALTO. By the end of the course, once equipped and professionalized, you will be able to contribute with confidence an added value to a favorable environment to "care" and, to a better expression of meaning to catalyze individual and collective transformations within companies. You will thus be contributing to sustainable individual and collective performance.


Financial Performance and Risk Management

The ultimate goal of this certificate is to provide decision-makers with sufficient knowledge in the use of the concepts of modern corporate finance as well as international techniques for solving practical problems related to asset and risk management, financial management, and performance improvement.

Acquiring this certificate allows participants to master the concepts of high finance in the areas of:

  • Risk analysis, management, and control (rate, exchange, market, operational, default, credit, etc.)
  • Improving performance based on the indicators required by modern corporate finance: EVA, MVA, CFROI, ROE, ROA, etc.
  • Reconciling financial and societal performance
  • Putting in place strategies adapted to the observed and measured risks

This certificate covers 4 important components:

  • Modern corporate finance: diagnosis and analysis of performance
  • Financial risk mapping and management
  • International financial techniques
  • Asset and portfolio management

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management is at the heart of business strategies, especially in Morocco, whose ambition is to become a major player in globalized value chains in the automotive, aeronautics, energy, etc. sectors. The challenges are as much about satisfying the heterogeneous expectations of consumers about the efficiency of operational processes, and, success requires taking into account growing financial constraints in a context where the management of international flows is deeply disrupted.

This program aims to provide participants with analytical frameworks and fundamental tools at the forefront of Supply Chain Management. The objective is to enable participants to apply these analytical frameworks and tools to all sectors of economic activity for optimal performance from both, an economic and, environmental point of view.

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