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Why Africa?


Today, Africa faces a considerable challenge: respond to the huge need for education that is expressed throughout the continent and to offer adapted, reachable and a quality training to the 11 to 13 million young people who enter the labor market every year.

By setting up in Africa, ESSEC intends to respond to this challenge by training young people and managers in order to be responsible actors in the development, the outreach and the influence of Africa, in Africa and in the world.

ESSEC Africa carries the values of the know-how of ESSEC Business School, a prestigious school of excellence that has been characterized by its pioneering spirit since 1907.

In Rabat, ESSEC Africa aims to foster innovation by deploying cutting-edge teaching methods and solutions to pass on the knowledge of tomorrow to students and managers. Fully integrated into its environment, ESSEC Africa works with Moroccan and international leaders to meet the continent's economic, cultural and social challenges, with a particular focus on developing bridges between Africa, Europe and Asia.

ESSEC has a long and beautiful history with Africa, and Morocco in particular. The community of ESSEC graduates is therefore very large on this continent. At the same time, ESSEC Executive Education has been working with leading Moroccan and African institutions for a long time.

The establishment of ESSEC in Morocco is part of its international development strategy, which aims to have a presence on every continent and to establish close links with local academic, social and economic actors. ESSEC has chosen Morocco, a currently expanding country turned towards the world to radiate on the African continent and which constitutes a real economic and cultural hub between Africa and the rest of the world.

ESSEC's ambition is to become, from the Africa Campus, a reference business school for Africa in the 21st century by bringing our academic expertise by getting involved in the territory and societies and immersing ourselves in Africa’s wealth to nourish our vision and our education by mastering the local economy and the management of companies.

The activities deployed by ESSEC Business School in Morocco are thus destined to develop in Africa, whether through the recruitment of undergraduate students, the development of executive education programs, or the collaboration with local universities and academic institutions.

ESSEC Africa
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