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The ESSEC Global BBA is a four-year, internationally-oriented degree of excellence. Today is the #1 ranked 4-year Bachelor degree program in France.

Selective and demanding, the ESSEC Global BBA program attracts many students from around the world by combining a very rich academic path of study, a 10 to 16-month professional immersion experience and an international experience of 6 months minimum. The program utilizes the various ESSEC campuses (Cergy, Singapore and Rabat) and a network of 156 leading university partners around the world.

ESSEC Global BBA students have the possibility in their 2nd, 3rd, or 4th year of study to spend one or several semesters on the ESSEC Africa campus in Rabat within the framework of an inter-campus mobility scheme.

Students in the 2nd year of the Global BBA who have chosen to study on the Rabat campus will follow shared courses with a particular focus on Africa via classes such as African Economies, Arab-Muslim culture, and Arabic language lessons. Students in the 3rd and 4th year may choose among the 3 tracks proposed by the ESSEC Africa campus:

  • Entrepreneurship and life in your region: the stakes in the social and economic development of Morocco and Africa are tackled from the angle of entrepreneurship. Students discover tools and techniques such as design thinking, lean startup or effectuation, and acquire the keys to change themselves and change society by developing tangible solutions.
  • Innovate for a sustainable world: trained in the issues affecting urban economy and regional marketing, architecture and urban development, students work on the creation of an urban and economic project in the region around the campus.
  • Developing your influence and business in Africa: on the themes of management, leadership, and business intelligence, students grow their Business Developer skills with an application of these to the African context.

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