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Hugues Levecq
Director and Deputy Dean ESSEC Africa

Holder of the Miage Master from Paris Dauphone University, a DEA from UPMC and an MBA from New York University (NYU), Hugues Levecq began his career as assistant professor, first in Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, then at Baruch College. He joined the ESSEC Business School in 2008, as director of studies, and was appointed Director of the Global BBA, a position he will continue to assume alongside his duties as Director of the ESSEC Africa Campus. Hugues Levecq is also chairman of the Executive Committee of the Sesame Contest.
email | tel: +212 (5) 37 82 40 00

Amal Asebriy
After obtaining a Master's degree in Computer Science, Signals, and Telecommunications, Amal chose to focus on her passion for new media and digital communication. She gained six years of experience in the digital press and journalism sector. With her technical knowledge and expertise in digital communication, Amal joined the team at ESSEC Africa as a communications officer.
email | tel : +212 (5) 78 40 12

Abdelhak Belkhadir
Campus manager

Holder of a master’s degree in Industrial Engineering at ENSI, Abdelhak Belkhadir has more than 4 years of experience with Sodexo Morocco after gaining extensive technical and managerial experience in other roles. He joined ESSEC Africa as a Facility manager.
email | tel: +212 (5) 37 82 40 07 // +212 (6) 84 88 55 73

Salaheddine Chafouk
Business development manager

A graduate of ENCG and EMLYON's Grande Ecole program, specialized in business development in Africa and Morocco after working in the education sector and private higher education. Salaheddine Chafouk is in charge of business development for ESSEC Africa's executive education programs.
email | tel: +212 (6) 84 88 55 76

Meryem Chami Khazaraji
Director of Executive Education and Institutional & Corporate Relations

Graduated from Paris-Dauphine University, Meryem Chami was able to develop a global vision of the functioning of the company and its organization during her professional experience. With a rich and varied background in auditing and banking finance, then in institutional and event communication, she took over the management of the construction and launch project of the Groupe Scolaire Jacques Chirac in Rabat. Meryem joins ESSEC Africa later on as the Executive Director of Education and Institutional Relations and Corporate Partnerships.
email | tel : +212 (5) 37 82 40 22 // +212 (6) 61 04 61 48

Malika Chaouky
Deputy Director General and Pedagogical Director

Malika Chaouky is a doctorate candidate in information and communication sciences (Toulouse I) and has worked as a teacher, educational director, human resources director, and consultant. As Deputy Director General, she joined ESSEC Africa.
email | tel: +212 (5) 37 82 40 03

Ghita Cherkaoui
Holding a master's degree in drug quality control and continuing her doctoral studies in pharmacoepidemiology and pharmacoeconomics at Rabat's Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, Ghita has 2 years of experience at a private university in Rabat (UIASS) as a pedagogical coordinator and head of the Résidanat service.
Ghita joined the ESSEC Africa team as Program Coordinator for Executive Education.
email | tel : +212 (5) 37 82 40 29

Younes Chiguer
Recruitment and Marketing Manager

A graduate of ESCA Management School in Marketing and Communication, Younes Chiguer has a professional experience of over 10 years in different sectors in project management, marketing consulting and development.
email | tel: +212 (5) 37 82 40 21 // +212 (6) 61 51 02 00

Kenza El Gharbi
Office Manager

Holder of a Bachelor's degree in English studies (Mohamed V University - Souissi) and an MBA in Human resources management (American University of Management - Rabat). Kenza has an experience of 4 years in project coordination, office management and event management.
email | tel : +212 (5) 37 82 40 28 // +212 (6) 84 88 55 72

Sara El Ktaibi
Administrative Assistant

With a degree in biology and a BAC+2 in business management and accounting, Sara El Ktaibi has more than 4 years of experience in different sectors. During these 4 years, Sara has held several positions as an accountant, customer service representative and receptionist.
email | tel : +212 (5) 37 82 40 00

Najoua El Maakouli
Recruitment & Marketing Coordinator

Najoua, who specializes in economics and tourism, has over 14 years of experience in a variety of industries including insurance, airline, consulting, marketing, education, and higher education. At ESSEC Africa, Najoua El Maakouli is in charge of recruitment and marketing coordination.
email | tel : +212 (5) 37 82 40 04 // +212 (6) 84 88 55 79

Nizar Errabi
Administrative and accounting executive

A graduate of the HEM (Institut des Hautes Etudes de Management) in Casablanca, Nizar Errabi is specialized in "corporate and business management and finance." He worked as an auditor-accountant in a firm of auditors and accountants before joining the ESSEC Africa team.
email | tel: +212 (5) 37 82 40 09 // +212 (6) 84 88 55 75

Fatine Essafi
An alumnus of the Haute Ecole d'Ingénierie et de Gestion du canton de Vaud (HEIG-VD Switzerland) in Management Engineering, holding a Master of Science in Industrial Technologies from the HES-SO specializing in Production & Manufacturing, Fatine Essafi has accumulated several experiences in the Swiss industrial sector as well as in the education sector and public higher education in Switzerland. She also joined a private international university upon her return to Morocco and subsequently joined ESSEC Africa as a program manager for initial training.
email | tel : +212 (5) 37 82 40 02

Haitam Hamdouni
Security and transport executive

After his business studies, Haitam Hamdouni was in charge of the logistical management of a Moroccan consultant and research office for nearly two years. Within the ESSEC Africa campus, he is in charge of the proper execution of internal facilities projects and supplier relations.
email | tel: +212 (5) 37 82 40 08

Mouhcine Hichy
Mouhcine HICHY graduated from the University of Grenoble 2 in organizational management and in social and human sciences. He is a specialist in business development and in consulting for companies in the field of training engineering, organizational support and strategic partnerships, and has also led a career as a business developer in various sectors of activity, including real estate, human and territorial development, commercial communication and the world of education, to which he pays particular attention; He joined ESSEC Africa to develop the executive education programs, namely the Executive Certificates and the Inter-company training dedicated to Managers.
email | tel : +212 (5) 37 82 40 23

Hind Loukili
Communication Manager

Hind Loukili holds a Master Degree from Rennes School of Business and a Double Degree from Rabat Business School of the International University of Rabat in Marketing and Communication. She has 8 years of experience in the education sector. Hind has worked in a variety of fields, including corporate relations development, international academic relations, and business development, before specializing in branding and communication.
email | tel : +212 (5) 37 82 40 25 // +212 (6) 61 13 80 08

Khelil Mehenni
International Partnerships Officer

Khelil Mehenni, a graduate of Sciences Po Paris, began his career in economic diplomacy and public affairs, where he worked on complex projects involving Africa, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East. He is in charge of developing partnerships with African universities and institutions at the ESSEC Africa campus.
email | tel: +212 (5) 37 82 40 20 // +212 (6) 66 13 08 49

Sarah Rahmouni
An ESCA School of Management in Marketing and Communication graduate, Sarah has over 5 years of experience in various business sectors (higher education, B to B and B to C commerce, and telecommunications). She joined ESSEC to develop executive certificates with the Executive Education department.
email | tel : +212 (5) 37 82 40 30

Hicham Sebti
Hicham Sebti holds a PhD in Management Sciences from the University PSL Paris-Dauphine. He is a professor of Management Control and Performance Management. His research focuses on organizational control and management systems and on the sociology of professional groups. He is the author of several academic and trade publications, as well as case studies and expert reports. He is currently the Associate Dean of ESSEC Africa, in charge of Pre-experience programs, Pedagogy and the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center "In Lab".
email | tel : +212 (5) 37 82 40 15

Jihane Talbi
Program Officer

Jihane Talbi holds a master's degree in Human Resources Management from the ENCG of Settat. She has ten years of experience in the field of French education. She started her professional career at the Descartes high school in Rabat before continuing it within the IEG group. She specializes in the management of exams and the different courses offered in the French educational system. Jihane Talbi joined ESSEC to participate in the development of the programs.
email | tel : +212 (5) 37 82 40 27 // +212 (6) 61 04 31 03

Cristina Terra
Academic director - ESSEC Global BBA, Innovation & Digital Management

Holding a doctorate in Economics from Princeton University, Cristina Terra has taught in France, Brazil and the United States. She was the director of the EM2P Doctoral School at the University of Cergy-Pontoise and director of bachelor and doctoral programs at Fundacao Getulio Vargas, Brazil. She is also a professor of economics at ESSEC Business School. She joined ESSEC Africa as the Academic Director of the ESSEC Global BBA program, Parcours Innovation & Digital Management.

Robin Wijnhold
Deputy director of studies

A graduate in Economic History from the London School of Economics, Robin has five years of teaching experience at various schools and universities in England and Morocco.
email | tel: +212 (5) 37 82 40 06

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