ESSEC Foundation

ESSEC Foundation

Founded in 2011 by four alumni, the ESSEC Foundation is placed under the aegis of the Fondation de France. With the support of the school's alumni, its objective is to contribute to the development and national and international influence of ESSEC Business School, to enhance its reputation and thereby strengthen its position as one of the most influential business schools in the world.

Since its founding, the ESSEC Foundation has raised more than €20 million from alumni and funded numerous projects across its five key areas of focus.

Social grants to support equal opportunity

Because financial resources should not be an obstacle, the Foundation works to make ESSEC Business School an institution accessible to all. It finances all or part of the tuition fees of CROUS scholarship students enrolled in the Master in Management or the Global BBA.

  • 2,159 students have been helped since 2011

  • €5,200: maximum amount for a one-year social grant


Supporting academic excellence and international influence

The ESSEC Foundation works alongside the faculty to support academic excellence, promote ESSEC's expertise in France and internationally, and finance high-level research and innovative teaching programs. This is the context in which it presents academic awards to the school's faculty at its annual ceremony.

  • 84 awards for innovative teaching excellence and research since 2011

  • 7 research projects funded in 2023


The capitalized fund, a sustainable resource for ESSEC

To assist ESSEC's ambition and its new strategy, the Foundation aims to strengthen the school's financial independence by encouraging alumni to endow a capitalized fund.

By contributing to this fund, donors enable ESSEC to implement its strategic decisions in the areas of international development, research and teaching, entrepreneurship and diversity. In time, it will constitute the school's own funds.

  • € 2.7 million raised for the capitalized fund since 2011


Campus 2023, for a green and sustainable campus

The Foundation is also a key player in the Campus 2023 project, which aims to make the ESSEC campus in Cergy one that meets the highest international standards.

  • €7.2 million allocated by the Foundation to Campus 2023



Sustainable Entrepreneurship, supporting future entrepreneurs

In 2022, the ESSEC Foundation chose to support a new scholarship program in partnership with ESSEC's Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center to provide financial assistance to students wishing to become entrepreneurs.

This program offers three grants of between €3,000 and €5,000 following the selection of candidates by a jury made up of alumni entrepreneurs, a representative of ESSEC and a representative of the Foundation.

  • One grant scheme in partnership with the Entrepreneurship Center

  • Three grants to support ESSEC's student entrepreneurs

  • €3,000 average amount of a grant