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ESSEC’s Management Department combines rigorous academic standards with close ties to the business world to train future leaders Our programs are designed to nurture capable, independent and responsible managers, equipped to guide and contribute to their organizations. The department’s research efforts have garnered accolades and gained global recognition.

With proven academic rigor and close ties to the business world, ESSEC Business School's Management Department is training the next generation of leaders. Competent, self-driven and responsible managers who are able to lead and serve their organization.

To give you the necessary skills, the Management Department's programs cover the fundamental areas of management and are constantly adapting to the needs of business and society.

Our research, teaching and collaborative activities with companies and socio-economic players are based on ESSEC's three strategic pillars: Together, Metalab and Enlightening Entrepreneurship. This solid foundation allows us to tackle complex issues, generate creative solutions and provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to achieve your goals.

Join us and transform your career. Join our active community of academic and professional leaders.

At the Management Department, research is aimed at pushing the boundaries of knowledge. Our professors focus on critical areas of interest and are committed to applying rigorous, state-of-the-art scientific methods to their teaching. Our work, regularly published in the most prestigious scientific journals, has won awards and received multiple distinctions within the international academic community.

The Management Department's research seminars are held on a regular basis and feature internationally renowned academics. In addition to these recurring events, our faculty organizes conferences, research events and doctoral workshops. For a list of recent and upcoming events, see below:

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Research seminars

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The Management Department's classes are designed to make students accountable and prepare them for the future demands of business and society. Our classes are meticulous in their design and are part of all ESSEC Group programs. They use modern pedagogical tools and translate the results of our research into practical applications that inform and guide managerial decision-making.


The Management Department offers an intensive and rigorous doctoral program, providing doctoral students with three specializations: Strategy, Organizational Behavior and Entrepreneurship. During the program, doctoral students have the opportunity to work closely with faculty and prepare for future academic challenges. For a list of our current doctoral students and a history of our students' placement in academic institutions.


Meet our department's professors:

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