Participate to the Vegan Finance Webinar III on June 30th 2023 online


Organized by Véronique Buisson, ESSEC Professor of Finance, this webinar will cover the topic of “Veganism in all its forms boosted by both private funding and official support”. The invited speakers will tackle the topic from different angles. ?


"The impressive growth of the vegan market prompts companies to offer new products and services in both  financial and non financial sectors. Beside benefiting from private funding, the movement is gathering momentum at an institutional and governmental level. Going vegan makes a positive impact on the planet and this impact can be multiplied by engaging in an ethical and green lifestyle and managing personal finances accordingly."

✔️ Webinar program:

Confirmed speakers: 

David Panell, part of the Vegan Business Tribe, will discuss the state of the vegan and plant-based sector in 2023.

Elysabeth Alfano, VegTech™ Invest, will talk about "Plant-based Innovation Investing in the Public Markets: Building a Strong ETF". 

Jai Street, from Mindful Wealth, will explain how to make an impact with your money.

Dan Sherrard-Smith, MotherTree, will talk about “How to go green and save money: UK's first and only money carbon calculator"

Ariane Voyatzakis from BPI France, will approach the case of veganism finance in France 2030 sustainability plan and plant based activities acceleration. 

Maria Stoica, Sustainability Advisor, will discuss ESG goals in the food and beverage industry. 

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June 30th from 9am to 1pm (Paris time)

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