BSc AIDAMS ESSEC & CentraleSupélec - Applying with a French Baccalauréat (Parcoursup process)



The application deadlines

Parcoursup registration

From January 18th to March 9th 2023

Mathematics test

April 27th 2023

Shortlisted results

May 5th 2023


May, between the 11th and 17th 2023

Final admission results

June 1st 2023

Step 1: Parcoursup registration

Register on Parcoursup and follow the outlined process on Parcoursup.

Step 2: Admission process description

1: Parcoursup file: academic level
Evaluation of the Parcoursup file: academic level.
Only the overall academic level of the candidates is being evaluated at this first stage.

2: Online mathematics test
Only the candidates pre-selected on the basis of their Parcoursup file (1) are invited to an online mathematics test lasting 1h30.
This written test assesses the candidate's numerical aptitude.

Click here to discover the Mathematics test - Instructions and exercises 

3: Interview and English test
Based on the results of the mathematics test, candidates will be notified whether or not they have been shortlisted.

Shortlisted candidates only  will be contacted to organize:
● A motivational interview in French - Online
The interview will last 25 minutes in front of two interviewers (a member of the Faculty,  or a professional from ESSEC and CentraleSupélec). Please be aware that no interview will be scheduled out of the announced dates.
● An English level test - Online

Please note that , The "activités et centres d'intérêts" and "projet de formation" sections, as well as the "Fiche Avenir" of the Parcoursup file are also taken into consideration in the admission process.

For full detailed information on the admission process, please refer to the program presentation on Parcoursup.

Step 3: Get your results

Admission results will be available on Thursday 1st June 2023 on Parcoursup website.

Step 4: Confirmed your choice for the BSc AIDAMS

Following the announcement of the admission results, you must confirm your choice of the BSc AI, Data and Management Sciences  program on the Parcoursup website.

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