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A word from the Executive Director

Turn your dreams into reality

ESSEC Business School and CentraleSupelec have joined forces to create an international Bachelor program in Artificial Intelligence, Data and Management Sciences. Information technologies, and in particular massive data processing and artificial intelligence, are a source of both opportunities and challenges for organizations and societies. It is essential that the young generation understands the dynamics of the current transitions, strongly affected by the social, environmental and digital transformations of society, and be properly equipped to handled them.

The Bachelor in Artificial Intelligence, Data and Management Sciences program is hybrid and innovative. It combines the academic resources and educational expertise of two major schools, one of business, the other one of engineering, to allow students to build in-depth knowledge of models and scientific methods of data analysis, develop strong skills in mathematical modeling and computer science, and acquire a solid generalist base in the disciplines of management and administration.

At the end of the program, graduates will be able to start their own business or enter the job market in technical or managerial positions. They will also be able to deepen and specialize their knowledge by joining a prestigious Master's degree… and turn their dreams into reality!

Hugues Levecq
Executive Director Bachelor of Science in Artificial Intelligence, Data and Management Sciences

Structure of the program





Host campus

CentraleSupélec - Saclay*

Host campus

ESSEC Business School - Cergy*




Internship - 3 months

* During the first 2 years, 75% of the courses are delivered by professors of the school hosting students, and 25% of the courses by professors of the other school.

Fall of Year 1: 75% of the courses from CentraleSupélec professors, 25% of the courses by ESSEC professors.





Host campus
ESSEC Business School - Cergy*

Corporate Research Project

Host campus
CentraleSupélec - Saclay*


International Exchange (Business or Engineering)

Internship - 6 months


Research work in the field of specialisation

* During the last 2 years, courses are evenly split between professors of both school each semester.

Your study plan

First Year

Second Year

Introduction and consolidation of knowledge and fundamental skills.

  • Revise and acquire the fundamentals of mathematics, coding, economics & management, statistics, and technology necessary to successfully study the following subjects.
  • Know how to define and identify challenges and opportunities through data analysis, as well as issues in social and behavioral sciences.

Consolidate core knowledge and develop skills in data science and business analytics.

  • Leading technologies and tools in AI and data science. Manage programming, database, machine learning, and big data.
  • Apply statistics and mathematics to problem-solving and data analysis.


Third Year

Four Year

Introduce AI and reinforce modeling competencies about management science and the corporate world.

  • Being conscious of real-world challenges and opportunities in the economy and environment using the technologies and gaining an international perspective.

Finalize your experience and build your expertise through applied research and professionalisation.

What will you learn?


Core Management courses to understand companies
• Marketing, Organisational Behaviour, Financial Accounting, Corporate Finance, Operations Management

Economics as a tool for modeling
• Micro, Macro, Network & Digital economics

Business Analytics to understand how companies benefit from data & AI
• Econometrics, Forecasting, Business Data Science, Decision Analysis, Business intelligence, Excel & digital tools, Data Visualization and design

Management & Governance of Data & Technology
• IS/IT management, AI strategy, Data Law & Intellectual Property, Ethics

Humanities & understanding of society
• Society and geopolitics, Philosophy of Science, Negotiation, Responsible Leadership, Climate and energy transition, Intercultural management, Knowing oneself and teamwork, Entrepreneurship, Diversity


• Business English

• Spanish, Chinese, and French for international students



• Mathematics for Data Analysis, Engineering & Management;
• Probability and Statistics for Data Analysis & Management;
• Optimization and Machine Learning methodology

Computer science
• Identify requirements and formalize problems to design and implement innovative algorithms;
• Discover opportunities for technologies and processes;
• Develop changes in techniques for Sustainable Business In Society

Data Science
• Understand and analyze data to explore and influence digital markets and society;
• Identify useful tools in data panorama to support decisions and strategic processes in companies;
• Use data in the strategic decisions

• Apply AI techniques to overcome the computational complexity of algorithms and problems;
• Handle and recognize useful and innovative Artificial Intelligence techniques in specific use cases

* This list of courses may be subject to evolution.


An internationally-recognized institution

Accreditation by Recognition





'Welcome to France' - 'Bienvenue en France'

ESSEC Business School has been recognized by Campus France and the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation for the quality of its international students’ welcome. The school received the highest level that can be obtained from the "Bienvenue en France" certification, which is the third level. This certification recognizes the quality of ESSEC's reception in all the criteria provided:

  • The quality and accessibility of information
  • The welcoming of new international students
  • The academic offer
  • Accommodations
  • Campus life
  • The quality of post-graduate follow-up
Triple Crown Accreditation

The academic excellence of ESSEC’s programs is recognized through its international standards in management training, and it holds the prestigious ”Triple Crown“ of accreditations: EQUIS, AACSB, and AMBA.


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