Global MBA

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  • Duration

    12 months - Full Time

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  • Location

    Paris (La Défense) | Singapore

  • Work experience

    6 years on average

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Build your customized MBA


Customize your MBA to align with your personal and professional aspirations. Core courses will allow you to deep dive into strategic topics, while electives will enable you to personalize your program. In the meantime, you will choose up to two Career Learning Lab(s), and benefit from industry specific workshops, networking opportunities, and global learning expeditions. By the end of your curriculum, apply all your acquired skills to an internship, a venture project or a global field project.



  Become a responsible business leader


Our MBA offers a unique curriculum. Through a set of core courses and electives designed to develop your leadership abilities, you will dive into our faculty’s cutting edge research and tackle the latest business challenges. Sustainability. Digital Leadership. Innovation and entrepreneurship. These 3 strategic topics constitute the first step to tackling societal and business challenges.


  Unlock boundless opportunities in Europe & build a Global network

From the heart of Europe’s premier business quarter - Paris, La Défense - where your MBA will take place, to the key European business hubs visited during the global learning expeditions, benefit from exclusive and personalized events and opportunities to enhance your network and meet your career goals.



Reach beyond your career aspirations


ESSEC fosters collaborative leadership through "Learning by Doing". With a wide range of activities organized by the Career Learning Labs, from global learning expeditions to workshops, masterclasses, networking events, alumni get-togethers, a dedicated MBA team will offer personalized guidance and resources to tailor your journey to your specific career ambitions and trajectory.


Experience the power of a boutique-sized MBA


What is a boutique program? We select and welcome high-impact and high-potential, forward thinking and responsible individuals with a collaborative mindset and international backgrounds. The ultimate goal is to enhance your inner leader, provide you with the tools to accelerate your career and become a confident and responsible business leader ready to make an impact on business and society.





Obtain a certified “Grade Master” degree

Enrolling in the ESSEC Global MBA ensures that you will complete a program officially recognized by the French State as a “Grade Master” – an official BAC+5 degree – which certifies the quality of teaching delivered and the value of your degree. (RNCP niveau 7: RNCP37972)

This accreditation also enables international students to apply for a work permit in France upon graduation. This work permit is typically valid for one year and can be extended under specific conditions.

Who is the ESSEC GMBA program for

ESSEC’s full-time Global MBA is designed for responsible and high-potential professionals looking to make a career leap through a 12-month life-changing journey.
  • Mid-career professionals of at least 25 years of age

  • 3 years of experience by the start of the program

  • International work experience

  • A higher education degree (4-year bachelor's degree*)
    *exceptions can be made for 3 year-bachelor holder with 3 years of significant work and international experience

Academic Director Professor of Leadership & Organizational Behavior

David Sluss

The world needs innovative, responsible, and digital-savvy leaders – leaders who are ready to enlighten, lead, and change the world. The ESSEC Global MBA program is designed to take you on a transformative journey in becoming a global leader in which you will experience a high-impact and high-return career.

ESSEC’s next-generation, personalized curriculum focusing on sustainability, digital leadership, and innovation & entrepreneurship goes hand-in-hand with powerful career learning labs. These one-of-a-kind career learning labs put your personalized career aspirations to work in one (or two) high-growth options: luxury, finance, consulting, or product management.

We are a boutique program. We bring in a relatively small, high impact, collaborative, and global cohort every year.

Our aim is to partner with you as you accelerate your career and your leadership capacities!

David Sluss

“The vast array of experiences I was exposed to has taught me to be a more effective decision-maker.”

Alejandro Arellano

Class of 2020
Business Developer & Partner Manager at PrestaShop


“As a woman in the financial industry, ESSEC Global MBA supported and trained me to find a role in my desired industry even before graduating!”

Simona Sarkissan

Class of 2021
Loyalty & Brand Strategy Consultant at Dubai Holding


"The Global MBA program opened many doors for my future. It was the gateway to the dream job that I never thought I would have."

Jaeseok Lee

Class of 2020
Retail Project Lead at Chanel


“The program opened doors to the luxury industry, by providing  unparalleled exposure, various networking opportunities and industry knowledge from a network of international faculty members and industry experts”.

Arvind Raman

Class of 2021
Sales Manager at Montblanc


“The MBA acted as a launch pad for my career and surprisingly landed me a job in South-East Asia even before graduating!”

Yatin Nanda

Class of 2021
Senior Consultant at PwC Middle East


The important role of international and tailored field trips in the journey of ESSEC Global MBA participants for their post-MBA career trajectory.

Global MBA Field trip Experience

The ESSEC Global MBA offers an overall emphasis on international markets, designed to give you within a year, the tools and knowledge necessary to be successful in today’s competitive market.

You will have the privilege of being taught by ESSEC’s world-renowned faculty, composed of more than 160 individuals representing 36 nationalities and the world’s most prestigious institutions. The program relies on international professors who are experts in their individual fields and will enrich the experience through case studies that draw on each of the sectors.


Deep dive into strategic topics with our core courses:

Leading People & Organizations | Negotiations | Influence & Presentation Skills | Marketing Management | Strategic Management | Operations Management Data Science for Business | Power BI | Tableau | Financial Accounting | Managerial Accounting | Financial Management | Economic Analysis for Business


Discover our 3 key topics of choice:

Sustainable Transformations | Digital Disruption | Innovation & Competitive Advantage


Explore your future Career Learning Lab:

Luxury | Finance | Consulting | Product Management


The world needs global business leaders who can resiliently face the great challenges and seize the opportunities of today’s economy: sustainability, digitalization, and innovation. With an ESSEC Global MBA, you will become the global leader the world needs. We partner with you to provide a globally integrated journey that transforms you into an innovative, responsible, and digital-savvy leader prepared to succeed in high-return and high-impact careers.

The ESSEC Global MBA integrates sustainability, digitalization, and innovation across core courses. You also can personalize your journey by “mixing and matching” electives across these areas.


Businesses are experiencing a renewed sense of responsibility for both social and ecological challenges. With this shift comes a committed search for business-trained talent with a deep knowledge of these challenges as well as the best tools and practices for increasing sustainability.

  • Example courses: Sustainable transformation, Circular Economy in Supply Change, Sustainable Marketing, Sustainable Finance, etc.
  • Targeted roles: ESG (Environment, Society, and Governance) Consulting, Leading a Sustainable Supply Chain Function, or Analyzing Impact Investing, etc

Digital Leadership

Digital is “the” way of doing business now and for the future. Businesses need not only digital skills, but also strategic talent that can lead organizations in aligning digital strategy with digital transformation.

  • Example courses: Implementing AI, Fintech, Digital Marketing, and/or How to lead digital transformations, etc.
  • Targeted roles: Digital Product Manager, Digital Strategy Consultant, or Business Intelligence Manager, etc

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Growth and innovation are inherent aspects of business. Therefore, businesses require talent with the skills to lead innovation and growth at large organizations, as well as leaders who can work with fast-growing startups and scale-ups – while possibly becoming entrepreneurs themselves.

  • Example courses: Entrepreneurial Finance, Growing a Brand, Innovation Management, etc.
  • Targeted roles: Venture Capital Analyst, Brand Leader, or Innovation Consultant, etc

Across these three key topics, you may have a career goal of contributing more specifically in roles aligned in Finance. The ESSEC Global MBA allows you to choose a Finance elective cluster. This is the power of the ESSEC Global MBA! The power to personalize your career journey across, industry sectors, and roles.


By embracing agility, opt for diverse experiential pathways that enable hands-on learning, international exposure and entrepreneurial exploration. Consider internships, global field projects or venturing projects.


The internship will enable you to gain practical experience in the specific field of your choice, applying theoretical knowledge, acquiring new skills, and developing your professional networks.

 Global Field Project 

The Global Field project is specifically designed to give you hands-on experience working with a team on a real-life business problem, enabling you to apply and demonstrate your newly acquired skills and knowledge. Depending on your interest, the topic is defined in collaboration with sponsoring companies.

Venturing Project

Do you have a business idea you want to bring to life? Reveal your inner entrepreneur! At ESSEC, Entrepreneurship is in our DNA. In the Venturing Project, you will take your business idea and go through ESSEC Ventures' 'lean startup' process to create a viable and scalable business model - setting you up for success. Given the project's high-risk / high-reward nature, we take only a select number from each cohort. Your project will receive support via:

  • Coaching from ESSEC Ventures' experienced advisors
  • Mentoring from ESSEC Ventures' extensive network of successful alumni entrepreneurs
  • Possible admission to be incubated via ESSEC's incubator at Station F - the world's largest start-up incubator



In order to succeed in your job, you need to be equipped with the necessary skillset and know the ins and out of an industry. Relying on ESSEC's strengths and “savoir faire” (“know how”) and with the support of the ESSEC Alumni network and ESSEC experts, we have specifically designed four unique career learning labs: Consulting, Product Management, Finance and Luxury.

In your chosen career learning lab (or labs if you decide to choose 2), you will experience workshops from seasoned leaders, projects in which you network with potential employers, and international learning expeditions.

  • Consulting

Executive Workshops: Doing Consulting: Niche & Global | Project Scoping | Interviewing Skills | Industry & Best Practice Research | “From Associate to Partner” & Beyond

Deloitte “Bootcamp”: Project Scoping | Interviewing Skills | Industry Research | Company Visit

Learning expeditions: London 

PM bootcamp: Designing Product Families | Digital Platforms | Customer Experience Design

Company visits

  • Product Management

Becoming a Product CEO: Designing Product Families | Digital Platforms | Customer Experience Design | Business Decisions for Product | Managers

  • Finance

Executive Workshops: Working in Finance | Financial Toolkits| Leading the Financial Function | Finance & Consulting | Venture Capital Simulation | Mergers & Acquisition Simulation

Finance “Bootcamp”: Venture Capital Simulation | M&A Simulation | Financial Toolkits

Learning expeditions:  London 

Finance Electives (Term 3): FinTech | Sustainable Finance | Entrepreneurial Finance

Company visits

  • Luxury

Executive Workshops: Managing “Savoir Faire” | Social Foundations of Luxury | Creating Sustainable Luxury | Luxury Retail Strategy | Luxury Digital Operations | Luxury Sectors: Fashion; Perfumes & Cosmetics; Wines & Spirits; Watches

Luxury “Bootcamp”: Social Foundations of Luxury | Creating Sustainable Luxury | Luxury Retail Strategy

Learning expeditions: London | Milan

“Savoir Faire” Visit

Boutique internship

Do you need to know your choice of career learning lab when you apply?

No. The more specific your career ambitions the better, however, we will partner with you so that within the first term you will be able to choose your concentration and career learning lab.


From day one, you will focus on developing your ability to enlighten, lead, and change the world around you. At the ESSEC Global MBA, we believe that a more sustainable, digitally-connected, and innovative world requires leaders to integrate collaboration and competition as well as creativity and execution.

French Culture Integration
During three days of integration into the ESSEC Global MBA, you will be immersed in leadership challenges. The location may change from one year to the next. Over the course of this three-day adventure, you will form a strong bond with the other members of the cohort. This bond will carry you through the year and well into your future.

The "Toward Responsible Innovation" mission
Through signature developmental experiences, we implement a “do, reflect, and learn” approach to building your leadership competencies. In the “Towards Responsible Innovation” mission, you will be immersed in sustainability issues and leadership challenges. ESSEC takes great pride in exploring new training and teaching techniques. In order to stay abreast of current sustainability trends and issues, the mission and partner company will change from one year to the next.   

Global Business Simulation
You will put into practice ESSEC’s belief that the grand business challenges can only be met via collaborative and ‘future-forward’ leadership.

You will also be coached through this process. At the beginning of your ESSEC Global MBA journey, you will participate in a 360-degree leadership assessment, make personalized leadership improvement goals, and receive feedback and coaching throughout your journey to track your progress.


Field trips will enable you to understand contemporary business challenges in different socio-economic and cultural contexts. During the second term, you will embark on a week-long field trip, the location of which changes year to year. This field trip is a mix of cultural and professional activities to help you explore how business is conducted in different countries. During this trip, you will complete an industry-focused research project, visit companies, and meet local ESSEC alumni. This year, business trips are organized to key European destinations.

Field trip destinations may be subject to change.

Discover the ESSEC Field trips through the below video:


The Global MBA is naturally located at the “La Défense campus” which is a business-savvy environment, home to many major companies and professional opportunities.

  • The goal is to create better opportunities and experiences, giving participants more access to connections, both within and outside of the ESSEC network and providing them with many networking opportunities and events in the city’s pulsing business district
  • La Défense is the perfect place to power up the participants’ careers as all master classes and professional talks are hosted at the talent center on campus
  • Home to many graduate employers, Paris is the gateway to Europe. This proximity definitely makes attending interviews and even networking a lot easier. 
  • The location of the campus is also ideal to take advantage of all that Paris has to offer, as a cultural and business capital as it is a quick access to Paris’ city center

France is known as one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, from being a global fashion hub, to the many famous attractions, to its exquisite food and wine. No matter how you would like to spend your free time, Paris offers a huge range of opportunities.
From the beautiful courtyards of the Louvre Museum to the charming streets of Montmartre, Paris is naturally the destination of choice-particularly for international students.


In the heart of the One-North sector, dedicated to research, teaching and entrepreneurship, the Asia-Pacific campus welcomes full-time students and executive education participants to 6,500 m² of academic facilities. Inaugurated in May 2015, this campus is both at the forefront of technology while meeting the most demanding environmental norms and standards.


The ESSEC Global MBA career services continuously work towards building partnerships with major companies and institutions in the corporate world.

We will support you in developing the skills you need to be exceptional candidates for world-class recruiters. Thanks to the engagement of alumni, HR and executive search firms, our team is able to kickstart your career in your desired industry and help you achieve your goals.

Step 1: Get set, Launch!
  • Dive into the Talent Center team's expertise and connect online
  • Explore the active resources with interactive demos
  • Start making important connections with peers for future teamwork
  • Begin your journey with a crucial one-on-one meeting with the Talent Center tea
Step 2: Power Up Your Skills
  • Get insights from a certified career coach for personal guidance
  • Join interactive workshops to polish your personal brand and career planning skills
  • Unleash LinkedIn's potential for your professional growth
  • Connect with alumni and leaders through talks and networking
Step 3: Shine Bright
  • Deepen your insights through corporate visits and presentations
  • Discover new MBA markets through eye-opening field trips
  • Build international connections at diverse networking events
  • Enhance your professional credibility by actively contributing to a Global Field project or by gaining hands-on experience through an MBA internship
Step 4: Lock in Your Target
  • Get tailored support to secure your dream job
  • Prepare thoroughly for interviews to excel
  • Elevate your skills with extra coaching
  • Cultivate and sustain your invaluable connections and the ESSEC network as you progress on this journey



Connect with your dream job
71 000
Clubs and chapters
> 1000

A Network of Excellence

You have completed a degree, certification or short program? You are now part of the ESSEC Executive community!
Take advantage of networking, mentoring and continuous learning opportunities to advance your career in an ever-changing world.


Our full-time Global MBA is designed for responsible and high-potential professionals looking to make a career leap through a 12-month intensive and life-changing journey.


  • Age: At least 25 years old when you submit your application (average: 30)

  • Work experience: At least 3 years of post-university professional experience (excluding internships)

  • International: International work experience (abroad or in an international environment)

  • Degree: A 4-year Bachelor's Degree

  • Aptitude management test: A competitive GMAT/Executive Assessment/GRE or Tage-Mage score*

  • English level: An advanced level of English

*Please bear in mind that you don't need your GMAT/Executive Assessment/GRE or Tage-Mage score to start your GMBA journey so don't wait to contact our team of advisors and discuss your profile, project and application!

Our team of advisors will be happy to review your profile and answer any questions you may have.

Do you think the Global MBA is the right fit for you? Are you interested in joining us next year?
Applications for the next 2024 cohort run from September 2023 to July 2024.

  • You can apply each month - the sooner you apply, the more early bird and scholarships you can benefit from
  • Your application will be analyzed by the Admissions Committee: should you be eligible to the program, you will be invited to an interview within 8 to 15 days following the submission of the application
  • Following your interview, and if admitted, you will receive an offer to join ESSEC 7 to 10 days following your interview
  • You will then have 2 weeks to confirm your offer by making a first deposit of € 5,000

In the meantime, feel free to contact us directly to discuss your expectations and learn more.



Online Applications closing date



- € 2,500

Round 8

May 20, 2024

June 3 to 6, 2024 


- € 1,000

Round 9

June 17, 2024

July 1 to 4, 2024


Round 10

July 2024

July 2024


Keep in mind, tests can take several months to prepare! Preparing will ensure you attain the highest scores possible for the required tests and then, register for the exams (GMAT/GRE/Executive Assessment/TAGE MAGE & English).

  • A Management Aptitude Test: GMAT, Executive Assessment, GRE or TAGE-MAGE (valid for 5 years)

  • An English Proficiency Test* (validity of 2 years)





MANAGEMENT APTITUDE TEST (GMAT, Executive Assessment, GRE, Tage-Mage)

GMAT Focus edition
The GMAT Focus edition scores are also accepted. We look at applications on a holistic basis and a high GMAT score does not guarantee admission. A preferred minimum score is 585 (exceptions can be made if other elements of your application stand out). In this year's class, the average GMAT Focus edition equivalent score is 615.


Executive Assessment 
The EA is tailored for busy, experienced professionals and offers flexibility. The exam is 90 minutes and has easy rescheduling options.
It will help evaluate your business school readiness and leverage the practical knowledge you bring to the program.
Find out more


ESSEC Codes: please use the following institution codes to send us your scores:

  • GMAT: X6RFV57
  • GRE: 0839





English tests are not required if you:

  • are a native English speaker
  • have pursued your university degree in english
  • have spent the last 3 years in an English speaking environment/country
  • have lived a minimum of 3 years in an English speaking country.


Register for your English Test and send us your scores: TOEFL iBT® Special Home Edition or the TOEFL ITP.

ESSEC Code for TOEFL: 0520



1. Create your ESSEC Account to start your application online - Click here!

2. You will receive an email confirmation with your ID and password

3. Fill out the application form at your convenience, pause, and come back to it at any point.

4. Complete your essays


    • A professional CV/resume (1-2 pages maximum)

    • Copy of your passport or ID card

    • ID photo, passport style (medium to high-resolution digital image)

    • 1 Scholarship Essay (if applicable)

    • 2 professional referees, please attach two pdf reference letters in your application in this format only

    • Official transcripts of grades from all prior academic establishments (excluding high school)

    • Official degree certificates from all prior academic establishments (excluding high school)

    • If you are a French candidate, a copy of your baccalauréat

    • Original GMAT/Executive Assessment/GRE or TAGE-MAGE score (Online GMAT Scores are accepted)

    • Original TOEFL or IELTS or TOEIC score

    • Application fee: €130

      All documents must be provided in English or French. Official translations will also have to be provided for documents in other languages


GMAT/Executive Assessment (EA)/GRE Waiver: Submit your application now, send in your test scores later!
To ensure you get a spot on the ESSEC Global MBA program, you can apply without your Aptitude Management Test score and be accepted into the program pending reception of accepted test scores. You cannot be fully enrolled and benefit from scholarships before ESSEC receives all documents and test scores.

Admitted applicants without GMAT/EA/GRE should send their results to the admissions team before the next round deadline.



Application review: Your complete application will be fully reviewed by the Admissions Panel. If successful, you will be contacted within 2 weeks for your 30 to 40-minute interview.

Interview: The aim during the interview is to demonstrate your motivation (for an MBA, for ESSEC, and what you hope to achieve). The interview will be conducted either in person or over video conference, depending on the location of the candidate. The Panel includes the Academic Director and/or faculty members, Global MBA alumni or students, members of the ESSEC career services team (Talent Center), HR professionals, or headhunters.



Results: Upon decision, you will be notified within 2 weeks of your interview if you have been offered a place in the ESSEC Global MBA program along with supporting documentation for participants who have to obtain visas.

Please note that all decisions by the Admissions Panel are final and cannot be appealed.




An MBA is a big investment, both personally and financially, therefore it’s important to make sure that you have all the financial support and guidance you need to prepare for your MBA.

For the 2024 intake, the first applicants to enroll in the early Admissions Juries will benefit from:

  • A Spring offer of €2,500 if you apply before April 22nd

This scholarship is awarded to French nationals with real international experience looking to progress in their career.


This scholarship is awarded to European candidates who are able to demonstrate potential to create an impact.


The French-American Chamber of Commerce Foundation (FACC Foundation) was launched in 2012 to sponsor the training and education of the next generation of transatlantic business leaders through its highly selective "Serge Bellanger French-American Business Scholarship" Program.This scholarship is granted every year and provides multiple, merit-based scholarships. Each scholarship is worth $10,000 and exclusively covers academic tuition.

> Eligibility: Candidates must be American students who wish to pursue an MBA, a Master's degree or a Mastère Specialisé in a business-related discipline in France.

Candidate eligibility and selection criteria can be found here.

Deadline for scholarship applicationMarch 31st, 2024

Applications will be under review by a jury during the months of April and May and scholarship winners will be notified in June.
Please email with questions.


> FirstRand Laurie Dippenaar scholarship
Value:  R1.5 million
Applications will open on Friday 15 December 2023 and close on Thursday 7 March 2024.

> CampusFrance
Value: A full scholarship by the Embassy of France.

It includes:

  • The status of a France Excellence scholarship holder which includes social security, priority for accessing student housing, visa fee exemption and assistance offered by Campus France Paris.
  • A return flight ticket to France.
  • A monthly allowance approximately 850 euros

This scholarship rewards candidates who have either worked in an international environment or in several countries, have a deep understanding of intercultural business environments, and/or can speak several foreign languages.

Eligibility: Candidates must have a good understanding of international challenges and the nature of projects led abroad, and/or mastery of foreign languages, with the ability to demonstrate how these qualities have uplifted their careers.


This scholarship is awarded to women who are driven to pursue positions of leadership in the future.

Eligibility: The leadership potential of the candidate will be assessed through her responsibilities, her involvement in clubs and organizations, her general visibility, and her career progression.


This scholarship rewards a candidate who has demonstrated exceptional academic achievements and career advancement. The amount of the scholarship will also take into account your management aptitude test score. (GMAT, EA, GRE).

Eligibility: the ability of a candidate to demonstrate success in his/her career and who shows potential to evolve rapidly in a company or public organization.


This scholarship is to support international diversity and inclusion in our cohort. It recognizes the academic and professional achievement of candidates who, through the sharing of their varied cultural perspectives, will enhance the cohort's worldview during the MBA journey.

Eligibility: Candidates are evaluated in terms of their academic and professional background, personality and uniqueness of profile. Candidates must highlight the unique or distinctive value that their individual profile would contribute to the class.


This scholarship is awarded to candidates who have shown their contribution or involvement in sustainaiblity challenges aligned with ESSEC’s values.


This scholarship is awarded to candidates who have shown their contribution or involvement in the below-listed sectors aligned with ESSEC’s values and strategic challenges: Digital Transformation & AI.


This scholarship is awarded to candidates who have been involved in an innovation oriented work environment or entrepreneurial project/start-up or plan to create one.

Eligibility: The candidate's ability to demonstrate the potential of developing a successful business or have the willingness to start a business.






WEBINAR: Tips and tricks for a successful GMBA application - watch the replay

Join us for an insightful webinar, "Tips & Tricks: Your Guide to a Successful GMBA Application," where we delve into the essential advice and insights for crafting a compelling application to the ESSEC Global MBA program.

18:00 | Online replay available




New York, USA

GMAC Tour | New York, USA

Join the GMAC MBA Tour in New York, USA, and meet our Global MBA advisors to find out more about our program, discuss your career plans, and more.

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GMAC Tour | Montréal, Canada

Join the GMAC Tour in Montréal, Canada and meet our Global MBA advisors to find out more about our program, discuss your career plans, and more. 

17:30 | Mount Royal Center Montréal




Toronto, Canada

GMAC Tour | Toronto, Canada

Join the GMAC Tour in Toronto, Canada and meet our Global MBA advisors to find out more about our program, discuss your career plans, and more. 

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Shanghai, China

Access MBA | Shanghai, China

Join the Access MBA Tour in Shanghai, China and meet our meet our ESSEC MBA Program advisors and Alumni to find out more about our program, discuss your career plans, and more.

17:00 | Mandarin Oriental Pudong Shanghai




New Delhi, India

Access MBA | New Delhi, India

Join the Access MBA Tour in New Delhi, India and meet our ESSEC MBA Program advisors and Alumni to find out more about our program, discuss your career plans, and more.

17:00 | The Lalit New Delhi




Paris, France

Access MBA | Paris, France

Join the Access MBA Tour in Paris, France, and meet our ESSEC MBA Program advisors to find out more about our programs, discuss your career plans, and more.

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Access MBA | Singapore

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Paris, France

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Lagos, Nigeria

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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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