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Duration: 12 months
Date: September 2024
Language: English
Location: Paris, France and Singapore
Format: Full Time
Average age: 30 years
Intake: September 2024
Professional experience: 6 years

ESSEC Global MBA made for you


Customize your MBA to align with your personal and professional aspirations. Core courses will allow you to deep dive into strategic topics, while electives will enable you to personalize your program. In the meantime, you will choose up to two Career Learning Lab(s), and benefit from industry specific workshops, networking opportunities, and global learning expeditions. By the end of your curriculum, apply all your acquired skills to an internship, a venture project or a global field project.


Our MBA offers a unique curriculum. Through a set of core courses and electives designed to develop your leadership abilities, you will dive into our faculty’s cutting edge research and tackle the latest business challenges. Sustainability. Digital Leadership. Innovation and entrepreneurship. These 3 strategic topics constitute the first step to tackling societal and business challenges.


From the heart of Europe’s premier business quarter - Paris, La Défense - where your MBA will take place, to the key European business hubs visited during the global learning expeditions, benefit from exclusive and personalized events and opportunities to enhance your network and meet your career goals.


ESSEC fosters collaborative leadership through "Learning by Doing". With a wide range of activities organized by the Career Learning Labs, from global learning expeditions to workshops, masterclasses, networking events, alumni get-togethers, a dedicated MBA team will offer personalized guidance and resources to tailor your journey to your specific career ambitions and trajectory.


What is a boutique program? We select and welcome high-impact and high-potential, forward thinking and responsible individuals with a collaborative mindset and international backgrounds. The ultimate goal is to enhance your inner leader, provide you with the tools to accelerate your career and become a confident and responsible business leader ready to make an impact on business and society.


Designed to accelerate your career

  • 58%
    Changed Sector
  • 89%
    Changed Function
  • 55%
    Changed Country

> How the ESSEC Global MBA is a career accelerator

ESSEC Experience

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    GMAC Fair | Paris, France

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    Access MBA & EMBA Fair | Abu Dhabi, UAE

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